The best pet for graphic designers

If you’re a graphic designer on the hunt for the perfect pet, look no farther. I have the solution for you! I know exactly what you need, and I happen to have one right here. Think I don’t? I’ve come up with the formula for matching pets to professions … here’s yours as a graphic designer:

Your pet must be loyal and nonjudgmental, because you can’t take criticism.

Your pet must be able to take care of itself, because you’ll be too engrossed in work to handle things such as feeding, watering and going outdoors.

Your pet must not be loud, because your greatest work comes during periods of intense concentration.

Your pet must always be at your side, so you can be comforted when a client rejects your best work.

Your pet must be able to defend you from intruders, since you had to break the door handle to get in after your landlord changed the locks.

Sound like you? I thought so! Here’s your new pet:


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