The best thing you can do for your kids

To listen to some of the “old-timers,” we’ve got it pretty easy these days. You’ve probably heard them all: “Back in my day we used to…

“… speak only when spoken to.”

“… walk both ways in five-foot snow uphill.”

“… get a nickel for a hard day’s work and be happy with it.”

But ask any parent what he or she wants for her children, and you’ll get answers like: “An opportunity for a better life than I had,” or at least, “Access to the same opportunities I had.”

The best thing you can do for your kids is to foster their growth, independence, creativity and voices. Allow your children to explore the world around them, to take risks and build confidence, to paint their own paths, to speak their own minds. When I say explore, I mean all available mediums: The great outdoors, culture, and yes, computers and programming.

Create an environment in which children make important decisions and face the consequences (good or bad) so they become good decision-makers; in which they understand the natural, cultural and technological aspects of their world to foster creativity so they can profit from new ideas; to speak their own minds so that they’re not afraid to introduce new, revolutionary concepts.

It isn’t enough to teach your kids what you know; you have to teach them how to figure out what you don’t know. The world is evolutionary, and if your children are prepared they can be revolutionary.

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