Three places every graphic designer should visit

fishParis, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., the Amazon, Egypt, the Far East: There many places graphic designs should visit for inspiration. From ancient Greek and Roman architecture to even more ancient natural wonders of the world, the Earth is a repository of stunning design that masters the combination of form and function.

In tribute, I’m offering three places every graphic designer should visit. I’ve kept them stateside for convenience.

The Florida Keys — Wonderful natural colors on shore and underwater serve as breeding grounds for the imagination. Shapes, lines, and naturally mixed complementary colors are different in the Keys, and you can tap into the design features of a Triggerfish or Dolphin for your next creative piece. The flora and fauna are truly amazing, and if you look you’ll find Native American, Cuban, Caribbean, Spanish, English and other architectural influences throughout the 1,700-plus islands.

Hocking Hills, Ohio — Ohio rarely, if ever, comes up in a conversation about the most beautiful places in the United States, but that’s only because it’s overlooked by being buried in the middle of the Midwest.  The natural formations rival those of Appalachia and the Southwest in grandeur if not in scale, as the area features waterfalls, caves, plateau’d vistas, and water running through deep woods that resonates with the grounded graphic designer.

Crater Lake — The power of subtle hues peppered by passionate explosions of color make Crater Lake the ideal spot for learning how Mother Nature does more with less. You can emulate the rich shadows, icy blues, soft whites, earthy terrain patterns and flora color splashes of the greater Crater Lake area in your designs.

What can you add to this list?


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