PsPrint Blog’s Week in Review: July 12 – 16

Whether you were focused on work or Mel Gibson’s latest recorded rant, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you missed this week on the PsPrint Blog.

Work in progress
PsPrint blogger Britt talked to five creative types, ranging from an illustrator to a creative director to a web designer, about their workspaces in her post (and new monthly series), “Where Real Designers and Creatives Work.” How does your space compare?

Home of the brave
Home, sweet home? PsPrint blogger Brian shares five weird-looking houses in his blog post, “5 Delightfully Odd Home Designs.” My favorite is the The Nautilus House, which looks like a giant sea shell. I can’t help but wonder if you can hear the ocean when you are inside.

To have and have knot
Weddings can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. PsPrint blogger Jennifer shares some helpful tips on how to do things on the cheap in her post, “5 Ways to Throw a Wedding on a Budget,” including save-the-date magnets, postcard centerpieces and mix CDs as wedding favors.

Ummm, I believe you have my stapler
If you are running out of office supplies, you might want to try drawing your own with these vector tutorials in PsPrint blogger Valerie’s post, “5 Vector Tutorials for Drawing Office Supples.” Or you could go to your nearest office supply store, but the tutorials are more fun.

Mark your calendars
We are all busy, busy, busy people. And while some of us rely on the old-fashioned printed calendar notebook (myself included), there are some easy-to-use, free online calendars. Valerie breaks them down for you in her post, “5 Useful Online Scheduling Systems.”

Be a good sport
Nothing turns a conversation into an argument quicker than the subjects of politics or sports. Brian tries to score with his two sports-related posts, “Top 10 NFL Logos” and “Top 10 NBA Logos.” Personally, I think the Oakland Raiders should be higher than the No. 10 spot. Just sayin’.

Family values
There is no better way to say, “We are family” than personally designed and printed T-shirts for your family reunion. Valerie shares seven T-shirts that are functional and look cool in her post, “7 Great Family Reunion T-Shirts.”

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    Ok. Clearly we can’t leave you alone with the stapler.

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    I drive really sluggish in the ultra-quick lane while folks behind me are going insane…. I am an …….

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