Why Rack Cards Are Perfect Summer Marketing Tools

If you’re planning your summer marketing strategy, you’ve probably considered everything from direct-mail postcards to outdoor marketing such as banners, posters and flyers. All of these make excellent summer marketing tools, but have you considered how rack cards can help you promote your company this summer? Whether you operate a travel and tourism-related business or an enterprise that serves local customers, rack cards can be powerful marketing tools when the weather warms. The following lists five reasons why rack cards are perfect summer marketing tools.

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1.  Versatile placement

Rack cards aren’t just for visitor’s centers; they can be placed in many locations including restaurants, hotels, retail locations, service locations (such as mechanic garages), in public areas, event venues and just about anywhere else. The key to successful rack card placement lies in finding relevance; thus, a putt-putt golf course might place rack cards in an arcade, while a synthetic oil brand might place rack cards in a mechanic garage. Distribute rack cards where your customers are, and you will get noticed.

2.  Rack cards are easy to carry

Unlike banners and even flyers, rack cards are small enough for customers to easily pick up and carry with them. They offer instant take-aways from almost any location, so customers aren’t forced to remember your phone number, URL or even your business name – they have it in their pocket already.

3.  Rack cards are roomy

Despite their relatively small size, rack cards are still plenty big enough to communicate your message thoroughly. You can print rack cards that feature large headlines, bullet points with benefits, calls to action, perforated coupons, large photos, menus, hours of operation and any other information you want to include.

4.  Your competitors aren’t printing rack cards

In many cases, your biggest competitors are missing the boat when it comes to rack cards. That fact gives you a unique opportunity to reach customers without distraction and make the most of your rack card marketing. If you can reach customers in a powerful way your competitors aren’t, you should always take advantage of the situation.

5.  Rack cards are cheap

Rack cards are super cheap to print and distribute, and they still look great in full color. That means rack cards are perfect summer marketing tools that carry potentially-high return on investment.

Do you engage in rack card marketing?

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