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Despite the collective popularity of the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad and other tablets, there are still many purists who most enjoy reading books in the traditional manner: on hardcover or paperback pages. For many, the act of reading isn’t just about the story; it’s also about the feel of the cover – leathery or textured for hardcovers, sleek and smooth for paperbacks, the weight of the book, the physical turning of the the page, and the smell of ink on paper. For them, reading isn’t simple entertainment; it’s an experience that incorporates the senses, a mode of stress release, relaxation and excitement wrapped into a single activity.

Few understand the traits of such a dedicated readership better than bookmark sellers. If you design bookmarks to sell on the retail market, you know how much a good bookmark plays a role in the reading experience. For many, a bookmark is as essential as the book binding; without it, the reading experience is not complete. These are the types of customers who appreciate a good bookmark, one that’s not only designed to match the themes of their favorite genres but also printed to match their taste for real, physical books. Thus, if you make bookmarks it’s a good idea to not only craft a compelling design that’s relevant to your customers, but also print bookmarks that match the elegant feel of your customers’ books.

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Enter 15-point velvet cover bookmark paper stock, perhaps the perfect paper stock for traditional readers thriving in a modern world. Velvet bookmarks have several advantages over their high-gloss counterparts, including:

  • a soft, velvety texture that lend a sense of tradition and importance to the task at-hand: reading
  • a heavy 15-point weight, which makes bookmarks more durable and higher quality
  • an elegant sheen that lends a world-class look for reading world-class books

Selling bookmarks on the retail market requires the ability to meet customer expectations and desires in a unique manner. Everything else being equal, velvet bookmarks appear to be made of greater quality, an attribute that resonates with a customer base that prefers real, physical books – also perceived to be of higher quality than their digital counterparts. Add in your amazing design, and velvet bookmarks can help you outsell your closest retail bookmark competitor.

Have you tried printing elegant bookmarks with velvet finishes?


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