Three Easy Tricks for Awesome Thanksgiving Greeting Card Designs

Want to dress up your Thanksgiving greeting card designs finer than a holiday table setting? Try these three easy tricks for awesome Thanksgiving greeting card designs!

Foil stamps

If your design includes a turkey, give its feathers a bright, colorful sheen with multicolored foil stamps. All you have to do is designate on your design where your foil stamps should go and what color they should be. Consult with your greeting card printing company to find out how they would like you to designate your foil stamps. The finished project will be bright, original, and worthy of inclusion in your portfolio.

Big design, big greeting card

If you want to make a huge, and I mean ginormous, impact with your Thanksgiving greeting cards, go big with custom sizing. Print Thanksgiving greeting cards in any size you’d like – say, up to 13 by 17 inches – and no one will be able to ignore your invitation this year – not even your family’s version of grumpy ol’ Uncle Scrooge!

Make greeting postcards

If you want to save time and money, design your greeting cards in a traditional postcard format. Your Thanksgiving design will be featured in the mailbox rather than hidden in an envelope, and the U.S. Postal Service offers cheaper rates for bulk postcard mailings – especially helpful if you’re sending greeting cards to a large number of people.

One popular contemporary design method is to take a photo of your family or your small-business staff and frame it with a Thanksgiving theme; a similar design could be placed on the front of your postcard. Don’t forget to use the available space on the back of your postcard for event invitation details or a few extra sentiments. Perhaps best of all, you can save time by turning greeting cards into postcards and spend it stuffing turkey instead of stuffing envelopes!

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