3 Tips for Printing Calendars Your Clients Will Actually Hang On Their Walls

Calendar design by PsPrint customer Tony Budenz of smallGIANTdesigns and photography by Lauren Kelliher for Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus

Calendar design by PsPrint customer Tony Budenz of smallGIANTdesigns and photography by Lauren Kelliher for Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus

Calendar printing is a great way to promote your brand year-round, and a strategic approach to calendar design can also help you direct market your products and services with monthly, weekly or even daily deals. The key to a successful calendar marketing campaign is to print calendars that your clients want to display in their homes and offices. When you do that, you can take advantage of ultra-cheap marketing (in terms of cost per customer view per day) 365 days of the year. The following lists three tips for printing calendars your clients will actually hang on their walls.

1.  Relevance

Your calendars must be relevant to your target audience. It should feature design and/or photos your clients find appealing; and your overall theme should align with your clients’ interests. Relevance to your clients’ tastes is the single most important factor for printing calendars they’ll proudly display year round.

Not only should your calendars be relevant to your clients, they should be relevant to your company as well. Finding such “cross relevance” can be a challenge for some types of companies, but with a bit of brainstorming you can develop a winning calendar. Some examples include a pet store that prints kitten calendars, a mechanic that prints classic car calendars, and a business coach that prints calendars with inspirational phrases.

2.  Unique visual engagement

Calendar competition can be heavy, especially for popular types of calendars it seems everyone has. Puppies and kittens, as well as classic cars and celebrities, are favorites. If you want to print a calendar with a theme that many others have covered, you need to make your design or photos unique and visually engaging. Instead of kittens, why not kittens dressed as super heroes? Instead of classic cars, how about classic cars in unique settings?  Think of ways to make your calendars different, unique and visually engaging so they’re more attractive to your target audience.

3.  Quality printing

One aspect of calendar marketing that’s easy to overlook is print quality, but it’s a critical component to getting your calendars on clients’ walls. High-quality calendar printing (at a fair investment) makes your calendars more attractive. Think of print quality as a picture frame: even the greatest painting loses aesthetic in a bad frame, and your clients wouldn’t hang an unattractive frame on their walls. The same goes for calendars: high-gloss or matte paper stocks and vibrant full-color printing make your designs or photos more brilliant and more attractive.

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