What Type of Envelope Does Your Business Need?

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What types of envelopes does your business need? It might seem a simpleminded question, but in fact it is a consideration your business needs to make. The following lists the different types of envelopes your business needs along with rationale for why you need them.

Branded envelopes

Branded envelopes – those that feature your company logo and colors – are the most popular types of business envelopes. They’re delivery vehicles for in-house and customer communication, and they also convey their own messages. A well-branded envelope lends itself to your overall brand image, especially when it’s printed on premium 24 lb. smooth paper stock, which lends heft and a soft touch. Both help influence customer purchasing decisions.

Window envelopes

Window envelopes are ultra-convenient, and they can save money, too. Window envelopes are those that allow addresses and return addresses to be seen through plastic film “windows,” which makes them perfect for conveniently stuffing letters printed from a mailing list. Moreover, because you print addresses directly on bills, letters, and other communications you can save time and money with window envelopes by not having to print them on your envelopes as well.

Marketing envelopes

Finally, you should print special envelopes for individual sales letter marketing campaigns. Doing so allows you to customize envelopes for each campaign (or even each customer segment) so you can earn more opens, yield greater response rates and enjoy more profits. The good news is you can print envelopes in short runs, so you can print only the number of envelopes you need for a given marketing campaign or customer segment.

Envelopes play a larger role in your business success than they’re given credit for. Print the proper envelopes, and you can brand communications, streamline billing, save time and money, launch more powerful direct-mail marketing campaigns, and ultimately earn more money.


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