Why Ecards Are Lame

Ecards are lame. Yes, they’re popular forms of sharing and expressing sentiment. But that doesn’t make them the ideal means for those actions. In fact, when you look for ecards online you’re going to find one of three things:

A) Crappy clip art with cliched sayings that look like they were originally made in .gif format back in 1993.

B) Well-executed ecards with funny, typically insulting, phrases you can’t send to anyone with meaning.

C) Well-designed ecards that would look great – in print – but you can’t send because the nature of their “ecardiness” cheapens the effect.

That’s why ecards are lame. They might be fun for a laugh between friends, but if you want to send them to business associates you have to think twice. You can’t send them because they’re either crappy, insulting, or cheap.

And that’s why, when you’re in business for yourself or you’re a marketer whose job depends on your company’s image, you must stick to print greeting cards and invitations. Printed cards can boast magnificent designs, sentimental sayings, and meaningful delivery and display. When done right, print cards are a) not crappy, b) not insulting, and c) not cheap. Well, they don’t look cheap, anyway, because you can get exceptional greeting cards printed dirt cheap.

Think of yourself as the recipient. Let’s say one of your contractors sends you an ecard thanking you for your business and wishing you a happy holiday season. Now, let’s say another contractor sends you a printed greeting card to your mailbox with a similar message. You might appreciate both, but which has more meaning to you – the guy who took 45 seconds to put your email in and hit “send” or the guy who bought greeting cards, included his personal signature, addressed your envelope, and paid to have it mailed to you in a physically tangible format?

I know which one I would prefer. And that’s why I believe ecards are lame.


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