Why Your Vinyl Banner Sucks


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Do you use banners to market your business? If not, you’re missing out an a cheap – yet powerful – marketing opportunity. Vinyl banners can be used to market your business:

  • at trade shows, conferences and seminars
  • near high-traffic roads and intersections
  • outside your location (or even your competitors’ locations)
  • in busy shopping districts
  • in your own building

A single vinyl banner can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers, which makes their cost-per-person-reached exceedingly low in comparison to other marketing channels. However, many companies get their banners wrong. If you’ve tried printing vinyl banners without success, your banners probably suck. The following details why your vinyl banners suck, and how you can fix it.

1.  Too much information

TMI is a deadly sin in the world of vinyl banner marketing. Most potential customers will only have a few seconds to take your banner in. Naturally, your design should be compelling enough to attract the human eye; but once it does, you have to make your message short and sweet in order to ensure your banners are understood and, ultimately, responded to.

2.  Lack of an offer

I can’t tell you how many banners I’ve seen that have only a logo and a phone number. So what? Those types of banners offer no immediate value to potential customers. Develop a special offer so viewers have incentive to respond.

3.  Lack of a memorable and easy call to action

What should customers do next? Don’t make it difficult – your call to action should be simple and memorable. You want drivers flying by at 65 miles per hour to have your call to action in their heads. Get a vanity phone number or a memorable URL to drive customers to: 1-800-555-5555 isn’t nearly as memorable as, say, 1-800-YUM-FOOD. Finally, employ a tracking mechanism so you know how many responses your banners yield.

4.  Poor placement

It is absolutely critical to employ strategic placement to maximize your return on investment from vinyl banner marketing. I recommend two strategies: blanket coverage and targeted distribution. Place vinyl banners in high-traffic areas that are visible to a large number of the population. Then, seek out areas your target customers frequent and place banners where they’ll see them.

By adopting both strategies, you’ll be able to expose your business to a large number of potential customers and still target those who are most likely to buy.

5.  Shoddy printing

Faded, torn, weathered vinyl banners look terrible – and they make your business look terrible as well. The most you can hope for is for your banners to be ignored, rather than associated with your business. Rather than risk your investment, print vinyl banners with a reputable online printing company that offers fade-resistant inks and mesh banners that hold up to wind and rain. Your company and banner will be more appealing, and your banner will last longer – allowing you to maximize return on investment.

If you’re making these vinyl banner marketing mistakes, correct them in short order and you’ll be able to craft compelling and profitable vinyl banner marketing campaigns.

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