Young People Believe in Direct Mail


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I’ve discussed at length the myriad reasons print is not only alive and well, but primed to play an integral role in the future of marketing. If you don’t agree, consider the following facts:

  • Those aged 65 and up respond to more direct-mail marketing than any other demographic. But the second highest-response demographic? Those aged 15 to 24 (Harvest Retail Marketing)
  • More 18 to 34 year olds than people aged 55 and over believe direct mail will never truly be replaced (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • 18 percent of consumers between 22 and 24 will respond to direct-mail marketing (Direct Marketing Voice)
  • Young people find print more memorable (American Express)
  • 69 percent of consumers aged 18 to 24 prefer to read print communications versus screen (ICOM)

Kids love to receive mail, and remnants of that affinity remain through adulthood. More importantly, in a digital age direct mail is different. Special. Powerful.

It’s no wonder younger generations believe in direct mail. Heavily dowsed in screen-based communication, being able to pick something up, feel its texture, run one’s fingers over its shape, noticing the difference in size and sheen, and seeing one’s own name on it lends a sense of ownership that is devoid from digital marketing.

Email can’t do that. AdWords can’t do that. Popups? Please.

Digital marketing can certainly be effective, and I won’t argue that it continues to revolutionize the world of marketing. But in doing so it creates never-before-seen direct-mail marketing opportunities. Better data means better targeting. A personalized, physical object is more meaningful and different.

Intelligent companies will marketing online, absolutely. But the smartest companies will take advantage of direct-mail marketing to reach customers in a more meaningful and powerful way – a way their competitors are not.

More than a simple click away from deletion, direct-mail marketing materials say, “I exist, and I exist just for you. I am yours.”

What else could you want from your marketing?

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