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PJ Trailers, New York State Historical Association and More

Vinyl and canvas backdrop banners are so versatile – they’re perfect for getting attention at festivals, weddings, trade shows and farmers’ markets.

How To Find An Eco-Friendly Printer

Is your printing company eco-friendly? Learn how to find an eco-friendly printer, and why it’s important for your business to go green with print marketing.

Why It’s OK To Print Earth Day Marketing Materials

Do you think printing Earth Day marketing materials is an offense to a green eco-friendly agenda? Find out why it’s OK to print Earth Day marketing tools.

Say ‘I Do’ to These DIY Wedding Design Ideas

There’s nothing much more personal than marrying your partner and embarking on the rest of your lives together. So why would you pick and choose …

10 Great Business Card Templates From PsPrint’s Design Tool

Looking to put some pep in your step for spring?

Check out these fun and fresh business card designs from PsPrint’s newly developed design tool

Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2010

It seems like only recently I compiled the “Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2009.” Phew – time flies when you’re having fun with …

How to Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party

October is my favorite month of the year – the weather is changing, and it’s time to curl up indoors with Halloween DIY projects. Someone …

Easy Sticker Marketing

Stickers aren’t just for your car bumper anymore. As crafting continues to catch on, it’s all about DIY, and stickers are for even the …

5 Ways to Throw a Wedding on a Budget

Weddings can cost thousands – if not 10s of thousands – of dollars. And for what? A lot of wasteful plastic and greenery that just …

How to Green Your Home Office

Waste is a part of corporate culture and telecommuters tend not to waste as much energy or materials as traditional office workers.

If you’re working …

Green Graphic Design Marketing

Sustainability and environmental issues are at the forefront of consumers’ minds and having expertise in green graphic design will add value to your business.

Yet …

4 Green Marketing Tips

The words “sustainability and “green” are on the tip of every marketer’s tongue. But a lot of green marketing is just smoke and mirrors and branding.

Below are four ways for marketers to truly make a difference in their campaigns.

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