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30 Surreal Designs Inspired by the Work of Ray Bradbury

These awesome designs celebrate the work of author Ray Bradbury, who sadly passed in June 2012. Bradbury epitomized science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

Hot Off the Press: Faerieworlds, Breckenridge Brewery and More

This week’s collection of inspiring printing comes from a batch of really imaginative people – do-it-yourselfers who are not only creative in their professional lives …

The Top 10 Funniest Graphic Design Websites Ever

Every graphic designer I know has a healthy, if not twisted, sense of humor.  I think it’s a trait shared by the creative community, and …

The Photoshopped Zoo: If Graphic Designers Created the Animal Kingdom

What would happen if genetic scientists had the same creative liberties as graphic designer? You’d get animal hybrids that looked like these!

Hot Off the Press: DealChicken, Berkeley Playhouse and More

Working today? You and me both. If we have to be indoors after a day of barbecuing, sunshine and late-night fireworks, we may as well …

30 Masterful Logo Design Tutorials

Brush up on your logo design skills and wow clients with your ability to create a striking brand image that motivates customers with these tutorials.

10 Awesome Summer Package Designs

Check out this current list of some of the hottest package designs for summer-related products!

31 Unique Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read

Want to enhance your graphic design skills, marketing knowledge, and profits in new ways you never thought possible? Start by reading these books!

Stevan Dohanos: King of Summer, Illustrated

Stevan Dohanos was responsible for 125 Saturday Evening Post cover illustrations, many of which captured the spirit of summer.

50 Incredible Vintage Baseball Advertisements

Baseball has been as American has apple pie for more than a century and a half. So has advertising. See how they mixed together in the early days!

Hot Off the Press: Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Reiki House and More

The dog days of summer have arrived, and with that, design malaise may have set in. It can be challenging to get inspired to sit …

World War I Scenes Immortalized in Design

World War I unofficially began 98 years ago this week. These designs help remember the bravery and tragedy that was the Great War so we do not repeat it.