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5 Coolest Futuristic Plane Designs

You’ll be flying in style if the future has any of these futuristic plane designs in store for us. See which one you would trust to get off the ground – safely.

6 Hilarious Caricatures of Current Politicians

These artists have little, if any, love for our current politicians as they exploit their facial features for fun with these amazing and funny caricatures.

Wonderful Witches Through Artwork

This Halloween check out some wonderful witch artwork, each showcasing a different style of witch from various talented graphic designers and artists.

8 Killer ‘Dexter’ Fan Art Illustrations

Check out this killer fan art from the Showtime series “Dexter,” known as America’s favorite serial killer.

Makeup as Artwork: Zombies Through Film

Check out several decades’ worth of monster movie zombies as rendered by makeup artists.

5 Illustrations of Monsters You’ve Never Heard of … but Don’t Want to Meet

You’ve probably never heard of most of these monsters, but graphic designers have imagined likenesses of each that are far more terrifying than their names.

5 Haunting Ghost Photoshop Tutorials

Learn how to make eerie ghosts, ghostly text, and more while having fun with Photoshop using these five other-worldly tutorials.

7 Scary Digital Art Designs

Do you digital art? Do you digital art like the experts showcased here, who have amazing scary artwork just in time for the Halloween holiday? Check them out!

5 Wicked Haunted House Decorations

Graphic designers aren’t limited to marketing. Their work is prevalent in so many areas of life, including the many haunted houses we love to visit each year.

Skeleton in Your Closet? 5 Creepy Ads With Bones

Five creepy advertisements and commercials that market Halloween with bones, skulls, and skeletons.

Borrowed From Comics

Roy Lichtenstein’s “Go for Baroque,” 1979, in The Jeffrey H. Loria Collection, New York.


Ben-Day pattern

Named after its creator, Benjamin Day, the Ben-Day …

7 Stellar Designs by Native Americans

Seven stunning examples of Native American artwork, each with a unique story that inspired it!