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7 Super Superstition Designs

View these seven spectacular examples of superstition graphic designs.

5 Flyers You’re Glad You Didn’t Post

Not all marketing works, as these flyers prove.

10 Best Movie Posters Featuring Dogs

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5 Funniest Golf Designs Ever

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Microtrend: Faking Screen Printing

The key to faking screen printing is to be imperfect.

As you can tell from the above poster (which was created digitally) someone went to …

Microtrend: Elaborate Type

Let’s talk about elaborate type.

There seems to be a groundswell of interest not only in typography, but in the intersection between typography and illustration.…

Top 6 Explosive Designs for Vesuvius Day

Mount Vesuvius and its eruptions have been covered by many artists in history.

The History of September in Design

Let’s take a look at some historical highlights and lowlights of the month of September, rendered in graphic design.

11th September by dworis

The …

8 Great Designs for Summertime Blues

Make your day warm and sunny with these nostalgic designs of summer.

Primary Colors: Red

Part of good design is understanding color and what it conveys on a subliminal level.

To have a successful logo, letterhead, storefront, etc., hinges …

Primary Colors: Blue

From blue, red and yellow: There is no ambiguity in the primary colors. They are as different from each other as they can possibly be. Let’s focus on what the use of blue says about you.