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5 Awesome Newspaper Flag Designs

Newspapers aren’t dead yet, and any graphic designer will appreciate these five awesome newspaper flag/nameplate designs.

The 8 Coolest Designs in Dublin, Ireland

Want to see some unique examples of modern and ancient design for St. Patrick’s Day? Check out these eight cool designs from the streets of Dublin Ireland!

The 8 Most Wicked Mardi Gras Masks

Are you seeking some totally wicked graphic design inspiration? Check out these colorful and macabre Mardi Gras masks to inspire you to create your own artwork

The 7 Coolest Board Game Designs

You probably know what your favorite board game is, but have you ever considered what your favorite board game design is?

10 Tips to Landing Work For Big Brands

Want to work for the world’s biggest brands – and collect the paychecks that go with it? Try these 10 tips.

5 Things We Can Learn From 37Signals

Learn these five things from 37signals, implement them in your own work, and you can start tasting the type of success that will make you a superstar.

The Art of Movie Title Graphic Design

If there was an Oscar for Best Film Title, Pablo Ferro would have won it. Note the changes in design from film to film and how Ferro’s fonts create a mood.

White House Artwork

What artistic treasures adorn the White House walls? Find out in this post that examines the artwork of the White House, today and yesterday.

Revolutionary Designs

Get a sense of the culture of our founding fathers as well as the citizens who lived during the Revolutionary Period this PsPrint blog post on revolution design.

Presidential Seals from Around the World

You might be familiar with the Seal of the President of the United States, but have you ever noticed presidential seal designs from around the globe?

43 Lunch Boxes for Graphic Design Inspiration

I like the simple lines in the illustrations on these lunchboxes as well as the bold color. Graphic designers can wax nostalgic from while gaining inspiration.

10 Reasons To Love Working In The Creatives

I love being a creative, and since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought it would be prudent to count the ways I love being a creative. I think you’ll agree.