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Project planning: Getting started on the right foot

Part of being a good designer is having the ability to understand your client’s wants, needs and limitations. It’s very important to gather as much information as possible before jumping into a project. You won’t look very professional if you have to keep calling the client over and over again to get small pieces of information.

Adobe expert certification: What is it? Do you need it?

An Adobe expert is someone that has passed a test or a series of tests on how to use Adobe software. You can test on individual programs and get certified. You can also test on a series of software programs and get different levels of certification. You pay a fee and have to pass with at least a 61 percent.

Lessons in usability: Amazon, eBay, Tiger Direct and more

Check out Time‘s list of the top 25 ecommerce sites. Take a look at each, and take notes.

These websites share specific characteristics …

The six factors that affect how we see color

The human eye is able to sense wavelengths of light ranging from about 380 nm to about 780 nm, which means we have the ability to see millions of colors, well beyond the gamut of most devices.

Color gamuts — What you see isn’t always what you get

A range of colors is commonly referred to as a color gamut. A color gamut of a device is the range of colors that the device can reproduce. A gamut is produced by combining the complete range of color combinations for any device or printing press.

Aviary vs. Adobe and the ultimate Photoshop contests

If you love to beta test, head over to Aviary and check out the new graphic design application suite in development. With names such as …

Size does matter …. when it comes to postcards

Knowing the size at which the cost of postage goes up on a postcard can make you a hero with your clients.
For a postcard …

Got proof? Know your editing marks

Whether you are doing the proofing or making edits to a project, a graphic designer has to know what proofreaders’ marks mean.

Are you prepared?

What would happen if three feet of snow fell on Miami? Chances are, the city would be shut down. The government, businesses and citizens of …

Stock options: Coated and uncoated paper stock

Papers can be coated, which means they have a layer of clay on them, or uncoated without the layer of clay.

Compete with eBay

So many websites have tried to compete with eBay, and so many have failed.  That’s because they’re not just trying to compete with eBay, they’re …

Easy consumption design and nutrition facts

Trying to produce cutting-edge work or award-winning work is fine, but when it comes right down to it, what is it we are supposed to be doing? Plainly put, we organize information so it’s easy to take in and be quickly absorbed.