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Are you prepared?

What would happen if three feet of snow fell on Miami? Chances are, the city would be shut down. The government, businesses and citizens of …

Stock options: Coated and uncoated paper stock

Papers can be coated, which means they have a layer of clay on them, or uncoated without the layer of clay.

Compete with eBay

So many websites have tried to compete with eBay, and so many have failed.  That’s because they’re not just trying to compete with eBay, they’re …

Easy consumption design and nutrition facts

Trying to produce cutting-edge work or award-winning work is fine, but when it comes right down to it, what is it we are supposed to be doing? Plainly put, we organize information so it’s easy to take in and be quickly absorbed.

Going 3-D with self-promotion

Get surefire attention with a self-promotion that goes 3-D. Instead of a flat, blah envelope that can get lost in the shuffle, put a box on a prospective client’s desk. Nobody can resist the need to see what’s inside.

10,000 hours = expert

How does your craft make you wealthy? Through value. If you provide a valuable service or resource for your clients, you will make more money. …

Have you read any good design books lately?

With our busy lives sometimes we forget to feed our brains. As we know, the creative process is not like turning on a faucet. Designers …

Getting in the team spirit

As a designer I work with a writer as a creative partner on most of my projects. I find that collaboration on such projects is the result of creative needs versus the basic parameters of the projec

The best graphic design magazines

YouTheDesigner.com has posted a list of what they consider to be the most amazing graphic design magazines.  As one might expect, Print Magazine, …

The anatomy of type

Axis of stress
The direction of an implied line that passes through the thin parts of the round letter shapes

The implied line on which most type characters rest

Need a boost? Increase business today

Do you want to boost your business, starting today?  It’s not hard to do, given all the free information available to help you identify the …

Being ChatWise with LivePerson

Ari Galper has discovered a breakthrough in online sales pitches.  He has learned that people do not like pushy sales personnel.

OK, that’s not …