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Is marketing addictive?

Is marketing addictive? Yes, according to brand management expert Martin Lindstrom in his new book, “Buy.ology,” which interprets the results of the world’s largest neuromarketing …

Vicarious marketing

Got a minute? Check out this quick video from the people at the Experiential Marketing Forum. The community there is dedicated to an interesting concept …

Partner up

Good partnerships are at the root of all successful businesses. Each one of us forms partnerships with our friends and families, co-workers, staff members, outsourced …

Bits, bytes, kilobytes: What are those things?

This amount of information in a computer is called a byte and that is what it takes to encode one letter or number.

Add streaming video to your website for free

YouTube.com lets anyone upload movies to their website for free. The movie is hosted on their site, but shows up on your site. Doing this avoids some compatibility issues you may run into if you simply link to the movie file on your host.

What are lenticulars?

Linticulars are made from 2 or more images that have been sliced into thin vertical segments and then topped with a clear faceted lens that makes them appear to move as you see them from different angles.

Web and print marketing: Co-dependent species

I’ve heard the chants from the rooftops: “Print is dead! Print is dead!” Newspapers are struggling, the economy is sagging, and holiday spending is down. …

Congratulation on your graphic design degree! Now what? Part 1

Your objective. Make it about the benefits hiring you will bring. Maybe something like: To work with a team of exceptional creatives. In a fast paced challenging environment where I can use my design skills to grow with the productivity and reputation of the company.

Keeping it together with binding techniques

Making your piece stand out from the barrage of direct mail people receive can be a challenge. Try incorporating different binding techniques into your design to make it unique.

Are you ready to mock? Always get a following mock-up

The bottom line is that freelancers eat their mistakes. Even though my client signed off on the piece, I would have ended up paying to re-print it. I got off lucky with just paying for the correction and new proof.

Freelancers: Keep a contact journal

Here’s a tip that has helped me immensely over the years. Keep a log of contact activities.

Adobe Photoshop gift certificates

Don’t let the headline fool you; I’m not giving away gift certificates for Adobe Photoshop. Instead, I’m telling you that you should use Adobe Photoshop …