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This Design Business Doesn’t Monkey Around

It can be a jungle out there when you own your own business. Eryka Quintero boldly entered that jungle, looking to her cat as her muse, and co-founded with her husband the graphic design company Monkey Business.

Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2010

It seems like only recently I compiled the “Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2009.” Phew – time flies when you’re having fun with …

Design Invasion: Interview With Artist Amy Flynn

From greeting cards to children’s books to robots, illustrator-artist Amy Flynn has done it all. In-house and freelance? Yes, she knows both worlds.

Flynn …

3 Ways to Re-Energize Your Freelance Routine

It’s true. Now that I work from home, I miss the water-cooler talk of the workplace and chatting to co-workers about the news, the weather, …