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How to Write A Creative Brief for Your Graphic Design Project

Putting together a strong creative brief for graphic design projects and any other project going through print production, will help keep expectations and deadlines clear.

A creative brief is a blueprint for the work ahead, which lets everyone involved know the who, what where, when and whys of the project. The document will work best if the client and creative work together. If the client already has an RFP (request for proposal) drawn up for this project or a related endeavor, creative can draw ideas and information for the creative brief, from that document as well.

Photoshop Tutorials for Ralph Lauren and Everyone Else

Ralph Lauren’s recent ad that features a model whose head is wider than her waist is just the latest example of what happens when undereducated …

Graphic Design Is a Low-Stress Job? Ha!

The stereotypical graphic designer thrives on coffee and deadlines, has a cluttered desktop, keeps late hours and often has demanding clients who think they’re the …

A Halloween Toolkit for Graphic Designers

Few holidays allow graphic designers to have as much fun as Halloween. Fonts get a bit more twisted, graphics pop with special effects and copy …

Design a Holiday Greeting Card for Our $10,000 Contest!

If you’re a graphic designer who starts planning for the holidays in the summer, then ’tis the season for PsPrint’s $10,000 Holiday Card Contest! …

What Tools Can You Not Live Without?

How many hours each day do you spend in front of the computer or on your smartphone? Just how important to you is technology?

These …

Listen up! How music can affect your creativity

woman-listening-to-music-oI love to listen to music while I work, but I’m careful to choose which type to listen to. I know that music has a …

7 Questions to Ask Clients When Designing a New Mailing

In direct mail marketing it’s usually a good idea to stick with what works and test new ideas to only a segment of your mailing list before rolling those ideas out full-force.

Yet there are times when a business wants to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a completely new mailing. Perhaps they have a new product that requires a brand new promotional piece or last year’s effort tanked miserably.

Whatever the reason, if you are brought on to design or write a completely new mailing, here are some important questions to ask your client:

Design Principles of Art: Balance

20061112164515!Roman_Painting_1Graphic design is more than cool fonts and filters. It’s also is made up of the same design principles as other visual artists such as …

Create an Organized Archive of Inspirational Clippings

I know it’s said that a messy desk is a sign of genius, but if your desk is starting to like an excavation site and not someplace you can work, then it may be time to add a little structure to your creative impulses.

Using Testimonials to Land New Jobs

As a freelance copywriter or designer, one low cost way to promote your business or services is to collect and feature testimonials from past clients.

Brochure Design Layouts That Work

When it comes to sales, brochures are the go-to collateral that can intrigue interest, inform and even close a sale, which makes brochure graphic design …

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