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Design matters. You could print a million business cards, posters, stickers or postcards, but if they don’t have a strong design then they won’t work to promote your business, product, service or event. A poor design speaks poorly of you, and we here at PsPrint Blog don’t like anyone speaking poorly of you. Below you will find helpful blog posts covering all aspects of design, so whether you are designing for business or for pleasure, we’ve got a blog post that can help you.

Magen Mitchell

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David Russell


  David Russell | Bluffton, SC

Joseph Alvarado

Joseph Alvarado

Top 5 Funny Invitation Cards

Parties are fun. Great parties are filled with laughter; they’re memory-makers. So it stands to reason that party invitations should be funny. The best funny

Thanksgiving Marketing Promotions

Most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a consumer-holiday in the same way as Christmas. There’s just something more relaxed and comfortable about Thanksgiving, where the focus is on food and family and not on finding the perfect gift.

For this reason, Thanksgiving presents small businesses with a largely untapped marketing opportunity.

Marketing Your Business With Calendars

One of my favorite holiday traditions is a night-before-Thanksgiving dinner at a beloved Chinese restaurant with a big ol’ group of friends. Not only is …

Tips for successful custom greeting card printing

Custom greeting card printing is a great idea to help you send that highly personalized message to friends and family. On the other hand, most …

Thanksgiving Invitation Cards for Business and Pleasure

turkeyEver send Thanksgiving invitation cards? Here’s why you should – for business and for pleasure.

Thanksgiving invitation cards for business
Thoughtfulness and pleasant surprises: Toss …

Tips for Taking Your Business Portable

One of the benefits about being self-employed or working from home is that you don’t have to be tethered to a cubicle. And in this …

What to Do When Inspiration Bites the Dust

For a lot of us, our job is to create, whether it’s content or design or whatnot. And with that job often comes deadlines. So …

Autumn Marketing Tips for Your Business

Fall feels like it just got here, yet if you don’t take advantage of the season as soon as possible, you’ll seem left behind when …

Vote for the Finalists in Our $10,000 Holiday Card Contest

And then there were 30 …

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in the first round of PsPrint’s $10,000 Holiday Card Design Contest! …