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3 Quick Social Media Marketing Ideas

If you own a restaurant or bar – then you can’t go wrong with getting the word out about daily specials through social networking. It’s free and fast!

5 Cool Ways To Say ’I Love You’

Seeking a fresh new way to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day? Try one of these five creative ideas that go beyond simple store-bought cards.

12 Inspiring Snow Patterns

This post is for all those people out there who claim to be ‘sick of the snow. These 12 photos capture amazing patterns in the snow.

4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

If you are a freelance graphic designer or any type of freelancer or small business owner, then you should start marketing yourself on Facebook today.…

5 Neat Old Advertisements We Still See Today

Check out this bit of advertisement nostalgia with five neat old ads we still see today. The coolest part? Some of them still work despite modern trends.

7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

A round-up of three new Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to test in 2011 plus four ideas from 2010′s Valentine’s marketing blog posts.

10 Martin Luther King Jr. Designs

Had Martin Luther King Jr. not been tragically murdered more than 40 years ago, he would have celebrated his 82nd birthday this past Saturday. King …

5 Anti-Gun Violence Campaigns

With the recent tragic events in Tucson, Ariz., on my mind, for this post I’ve decided to round up strong anti-gun violence designs. The posters, ads and billboards below are chilling and remarkable.

14 Offbeat Designs for Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s day is about one month away. The illustrators at Hallmark Cards have been cranking out fuzzy bears and baby-faced cupids for months now. What have you done to prepare for Valentine’s Day?

7 New Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs in the New Year

Looking for new places to find graphic design jobs this year? You might have heard of some of the following seven places for graphic design, …

Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2010

It seems like only recently I compiled the “Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2009.” Phew – time flies when you’re having fun with …

What’s Your Business New Year’s Resolution?

Early January is a great time for watching infomercials on television. As consumers promise themselves they will “lose the weight this year,” marketers tap into …

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