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You’ve printed a professional business card, a cool sticker or an informative brochure, now what? Marketing to the rescue! All the designing and printing in the world won’t help you, if you can’t spread the word about your business, product, service or event. We can help! Below you will find PsPrint Blog posts jam-packed with clever marketing ideas to help you market your business, product, service or event.

5 Dirt Cheap Print Marketing Strategies That Work Wonders for Small Businesses

Many small businesses have trouble justifying new marketing investments, and it’s a difficult predicament for those struggling to stay in the black.  On one hand, …

The Top 10 Funniest Graphic Design Websites Ever

Every graphic designer I know has a healthy, if not twisted, sense of humor.  I think it’s a trait shared by the creative community, and …

3 Old School Marketing Tricks That Work Even Better Today

Want to beat your competitors at marketing and rake in the profits? Stick with what works. These old school tips work even better today than ever before!

50 Incredible Vintage Baseball Advertisements

Baseball has been as American has apple pie for more than a century and a half. So has advertising. See how they mixed together in the early days!

The Value of a Great Deal

Successful marketing is all about a healthy return on investment. What if you could increase your ROI by always finding the best print marketing deals?

5 Booklet Subjects That Will Make You Money

Want to skyrocket revenue with booklet marketing? Print booklets that feature one or all of these three topics and your customers will respond.

33 Best NFL Logos of All Time

Your favorite NFL team didn’t always look the same way it does today, as evidenced by these NFL logos of yesterday. See if your team made the list!

3 Can’t-Miss Newsletter Marketing Ideas

Want to print a killer newsletter to help you engage customers, encourage brand loyalty, and motivate direct sales? All you need are these three simple tips.

Sports Logo Evolution

Logos seem to change with the times, for better or worse. The most classic example of this logo evolution can be seen with sports teams. …

25 New Businesses You Can Learn From

Want to grow your business? Learn from some of today’s hottest new companies in this post that explores their ideas and tips for success.

Newsletter Marketing Tricks That Turn Profits

A page-by-page look at the marketing strategies employed by a successful newsletter. These tricks can be adapted to any industry and customer base, and work.

3 Powerful Catalog Marketing Tips

Want to make more money from direct mail catalog printing and marketing campaigns? Incorporate these three strategies and you’ll make more money from catalogs.