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You’ve printed a professional business card, a cool sticker or an informative brochure, now what? Marketing to the rescue! All the designing and printing in the world won’t help you, if you can’t spread the word about your business, product, service or event. We can help! Below you will find PsPrint Blog posts jam-packed with clever marketing ideas to help you market your business, product, service or event.

Ultimate Marketing Championship Round IV: Magnets vs. TV Ads

Does magnet marketing or television advertising give you the biggest bang for your buck? Find out which is more effective at landing customers in this face off.

7 Eco-Friendly Poster Designs

Just because Earth Day has come and gone doesn’t mean we should stop thinking about the environment. In honor of Earth Day, this post is …

Eye-Catching Stickers: Minimalist Design with Bold Typography

Time for another eye-catching sticker post! This one takes on a bit more of a serious and modern theme than my prior posts about using …

5 Free April Design Templates

Check out these awesome free graphic design templates with April and Spring themes you can use to promote your business, even if you aren’t a graphic designer!

12 Movie Posters for 2012

There’s a batch of exciting – and not so exciting – new flicks coming our way for the second half of 2012! I thought I’d …

Ultimate Marketing Championship Round 3: Posters vs. Radio Ads

Poster marketing or radio advertising? Where are your marketing dollars best spent? What strategy will yield the best return on investment? Find out here.

Top 8 Major League Baseball Slogans of 2012

You know your favorite Major League Baseball team’s logo, but do you know its slogan? We examine the top seven MLB slogans of 2012 to determine which is best.

Free April Designs For Your Business

Get awesome free designs you can customize yourself without any graphic design skills using the free design templates available at the PsPrint Marketplace.

Ultimate Marketing Championship, Round 2: Catalogs vs. Ecommerce

Which is better, print catalog marketing or ecommerce websites? This blog post pits the two in a matchup UFC-style to see which is the marketing champion.

10 Great Invitation Templates From PsPrint’s Design Tool

Sending out invitations doesn’t have to be daunting. If you don’t want yours to look like everyone else’s box invitation cards but your graphic design …

Easy 3-Step Guide to Easter Sales

Want to know the quickest way to hop to Easter sales? Try this easy to follow three-step marketing guide that will help you fill your Easter basket this year.

Hot Off the Press: Oaklandish, Humane Society and More

One of the great things about online printing is the options. PsPrint is a 24/7 company, meaning if inspiration strikes you on a weekend, you …