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You’ve printed a professional business card, a cool sticker or an informative brochure, now what? Marketing to the rescue! All the designing and printing in the world won’t help you, if you can’t spread the word about your business, product, service or event. We can help! Below you will find PsPrint Blog posts jam-packed with clever marketing ideas to help you market your business, product, service or event.

Tools for Building and Testing Your Mobile Site

Where are you reading this blog post? Are you at your computer? Are you looking at this on your phone? Check out this round up of links to mobile site generators and simulators that can help you transform your site so that it’s easy to view on a phone.

10 New Resources for Direct Marketing Inspiration in 2011

Whether you’re new to the game or an old marketing dog, you can always learn new tricks from these 10 direct marketing resources.

4 Facebook Marketing Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

If you are a freelance graphic designer or any type of freelancer or small business owner, then you should start marketing yourself on Facebook today.…

Sex Sells? 7 of the ’Unsexiest’ Advertisements Ever

Sex sells, right? Not always – especially if your “sexy” advertisements look anything like these.

5 Neat Old Advertisements We Still See Today

Check out this bit of advertisement nostalgia with five neat old ads we still see today. The coolest part? Some of them still work despite modern trends.

3 Blogging SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Do you have a blog to promote your small business or freelance design business? Do you want to start blogging in 2011 in hopes of attracting new clients?

16 Craft Show Flyers

Crafters make things with their hands, so it makes sense that flyers for craft shows would be creative. This past holiday season, I made it …

5 New Year’s Resolutions Marketers Should Make

The New Year isn’t just about replacing the wall calendar and sauerkraut and sausage. It’s also about making resolutions, reexamining goals and redefining futures. As …

Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2010

It seems like only recently I compiled the “Top 10 PsPrint Blogs of 2009.” Phew – time flies when you’re having fun with …

What’s Your Business New Year’s Resolution?

Early January is a great time for watching infomercials on television. As consumers promise themselves they will “lose the weight this year,” marketers tap into …

5 Best Holiday-ized Logos

I love it when companies get into the holiday spirit, and I think others do, too. When we see store managers walking around with Santa …

5 Ways to Update Your Marketing for the New Year

The New Year is almost here, and if you want to vamp up your sales in 2011 you’ll need to update your marketing strategy. Here …