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You could have the coolest design ever, but if you print it incorrectly and on flimsy paper, then you’re doing a disservice to your design. Perhaps you are planning on printing flyers to promote your business, but maybe door hangers would be the better option. These are just a few of the useful tips you will find in these PsPrint Blog posts below covering all aspects of printing. Whether you are printing a small sticker or a large vinyl banner, we’ve got a blog post that can help you.

A good impression by design: Envelopes

The name of the game here is presentation. What you are really designing is packaging. How do you make your envelope stand out in a pile of mail?

A good impression by design: Letterhead

Many times letterhead is the first contact that your audience gets or possibly the only contact that they have with your company. Therefore, your letterhead has got to communicate your product or service, company name and a bit of your personality. It should be simple, but yet unique.

The scoop – how to get free press

reading-newspaper-in-waterWhen it comes to business, free press is golden. Here are a few ways to convince reporters and editors you’re worth the column inches: …

Productivity software for graphic designers

hard-work-signProductivity software is generally described as software that makes businesses (or people) more productive. Simple and self-explanatory. But each niche profession (or personality) has a …

Shameless marketing tactics and why you should use them

jokerWhat comes to mind when you think of shameless marketing? Do you conjure images of imitation Rolex salesmen or bizarre publicity stunts? …

What’s YOUR stock worth?

From the Economics section of

stock-exchangeInvestors are attracted to stocks of companies they expect will earn substantial profits in the future; because many

Three places every graphic designer should visit

fishParis, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., the Amazon, Egypt, the Far East: There many places graphic designs should visit for inspiration. …

Persuasive colors: How color motivates response

color-wheelIf you haven’t done so already, you should study color psychology in marketing. It’s quite amazing how colors motivate response. It varies among consumer demographics, …

100 logos in 100 days: How to build a portfolio fast

A colleague complained to me the other day that he feels he is talented enough to get lucrative design jobs, if only he had the …

Cut the fat – how to say more with less

Some marketers try to force-feed their prospects every little tidbit about their products and services, believing that the more they can stuff into their pitch …

The best pet for graphic designers

If you’re a graphic designer on the hunt for the perfect pet, look no farther. I have the solution for you! I know exactly what …

Do what you can, no more

Recognize when the design is getting in the way of the bigger picture and change course.