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You could have the coolest design ever, but if you print it incorrectly and on flimsy paper, then you’re doing a disservice to your design. Perhaps you are planning on printing flyers to promote your business, but maybe door hangers would be the better option. These are just a few of the useful tips you will find in these PsPrint Blog posts below covering all aspects of printing. Whether you are printing a small sticker or a large vinyl banner, we’ve got a blog post that can help you.

8 websites that offer free brushes

You guys know I love free stuff! So I had to share one of the things I use the most in my work: brushes.…

How To Write An Effective Headline

What is the job of the headline? To get someones attention. A good headline pulls the readers attention farther down to the story itself. It …

Crumpled paper and the witch doctor

This is a story that I like to tell my first year students. It illustrates the importance of seemingly unimportant activities and how they can help you later in your career

Copywriting Basics: An Introduction

New copywriters may feel overpowered by all of the different mediums they are having to learn how to write.

How to manage your time effectively

For a busy entrepreneur, time management is imperative. It seems as though every second of the day is important, and if time is continually being …

Best graphic design jobs forecast

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the graphic design industry is expected to grow by nearly 10 percent through 2016, and so now seems …

Be curious: It’s your best idea generator

New input equals new experiences. I’m always on the hunt for new experiences, new materials and new ideas to replenish the well. Recently I visited my local corrugated box manufacturer. Believe it or not, I had to ship a 70-pound child’s peddle tractor and needed a heavy duty box. The box manufacturer has a showroom — yep, a showroom

Simplify for profits (simplify your day)

I don’t need to write a quick example of how erratically clustered your days are. I know what it’s like … busy, busy, busy. You’ll …

7 elements of effective cover letter writing for graphic designers

Are you in the midst of a job hunt? Don’t forget the importance of an outstanding cover letter. Here are a few points to consider:

10 things you should know about starting your own graphic design business, part two

Here are the remaining five things from my list of 10 things to consider when thinking about starting or just recently starting your own freelancing …

7 Tips For Freelance Copywriters In A Bad Economy

Ad budgets are slashed and there are layoffs at ad agencies. It is still a good time to be a freelancer in a bad economy. …

Outdoor advertising — a driving force

Billboards present some unique challenges for designers. Even though the basic principles of good design apply, there are a few additional points to consider before setting out to create an outdoor billboard.