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Brian Morris serves in various capacities as a freelance writer, content developer and public relations specialist for growing small businesses. When he’s not writing, he can be found on the racquetball court - usually getting his tail kicked by guys 20 years older.


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 - 18:46

Graphic designers are on the cutting edge of revolution. They get bored easily, so they're always quick to make a change, introduce a new style, push the envelope and redefine the term “bold.” So why is it graphic designers seem so complacent with the software industry?

If I want a soda, I can choose between Coke and Pepsi. Both are very good products backed by very good companies. My personal preference is irrelevant – what is relevant is that I have a choice in the soda market.

Monday, August 3, 2009 - 21:55

What are the best graphic design books? Like any other published genre, that all depends on your style, your current knowledge, and what you can personally glean from any given book. Some designers like to flip through books on style, typography and logos; this individual column is not for you. It would be rather presumptive of me to contend that I know which of these books – and so many of them are beautiful – would be right for you.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 19:36

awards-2Hurry and enter these cool graphic design contests before it's too late to submit in '09. I've hand-picked a few of the most original upcoming design contests out there, just for you!

Get your work in the official Best Designs of 2009 book put out by Design and Design Young Talent Award via I.D.

Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 20:01

If you love Photoshop, you'll love it even more after learning the techniques in these tutorials:


Coloring skin and body in Photoshop and how to mimic the natural play of light upon the body.

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - 22:43

signWant more sales? Try these 40 tips for increasing business and profit. 1. Be nice, all of the time 2. Under-promise, over-deliver 3. Track everything 4. Advertise for profit 5. Hold a contest 6. Provide great customer support 7. Offer free shipping 8. Include warranties and guarantees 9. Distribute press releases 10. Contact editors and journalists directly when you have something newsworthy 11.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - 19:30

give-a-great-speechWhether you speak for a living or just have to deliver a single presentation, you know that pressure to give a great speech can be nerve-wracking.

You can find plenty of free online resources to help you deliver your speech with eloquence.

Monday, July 20, 2009 - 00:52

creepy-soap-adEver see an advertisement that really creeped you out? You have to wonder if the shock value of a creepy ad outweighs the repulsive reflex potential of viewing these ads. Some ads are intentionally creepy, others are not.

And although breaking norms almost always gets attention, it that doesn't necessarily mean that people will want to make a purchase.

Thursday, July 16, 2009 - 23:59

dogMy family has a dog, a haphazard mix of breeds that is unidentifiable to even our veterinarian. Whatever she is, Ruby has been a good dog and her affection for our children is unmistakable.

Still, the mutt utterly annoys me at times, especially when she barks at nothing.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 - 02:50

dont-be-a-target-be-a-good-bossSuccessful employee management is like raising children. Your job is to teach and offer guidance so that your charges can navigate day-to-day life without supervision. Here are my top 10 employee management tips:

  1. Teach.

Monday, July 13, 2009 - 01:03

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the graphic design industry is expected to grow by nearly 10 percent through 2016, and so now seems like a prime time to think about moving ahead to make way for the “junior” designers coming on-board. 

I wanted to find out what the best graphic design jobs would be during the next 10 years, so I conducted a bit of research and then tossed it all aside to reflect on reality. The way I see it, you have three options: 1.Work your way up through a design firm, striving to become a design dire

Thursday, July 9, 2009 - 19:46

I don't need to write a quick example of how erratically clustered your days are. I know what it's like ... busy, busy, busy. You'll never make more money if you're constantly busy. You need to simplify for profits.

Simplifying your day for profits is easier than it sounds. I'm offering a three-step process:

  1. Eliminate distractions: Whatever is keeping you from completing your paid tasks, eliminate them. Phone calls, e-mails, interruptions, noise, anything that stops you from getting your job done needs to go.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - 21:43

If you're a graphic designer, you know you need an online portfolio. You probably have one already. And if you don't, you can always find free Flash, JavaScript and plug-ins for popular CMS systems such as Wordpress, Joomla! and others.

But there's more to building a great online portfolio than simply uploading some images to your site or a dynamic framework that showcases your skills in fluid motion. Social networking. If you haven't engaged in social networking for your portfolio, you're in for a treat (assuming you're good at what you do. You are good, right?).


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