Get Your Wall Calendars Ready for Holiday Marketing

October 5, 2012

If you’re looking for a cheap marketing tool that will get your company brand and promotions in front of your target customer base every day of the year, it’s time to consider wall calendars.  I find it incredibly odd that so many marketing gurus consider wall calendar marketing an after thought.  Given the inherent power of printing wall calendars as marketing tools, I contend that wall calendar marketing is one of the best ways you can put your small business on the map, no matter how frugal your budget. Consider this:  You can print 500 wall calendars for right around $2,000, or about $4 per calendar.  The greatest part about wall calendars is that people actually use them, and they use them every day.  Your $2,000 investment allows you to market in 500 households or businesses 365 days per year.  Assuming just one person looks at your calendar every day, that comes to just over a single penny per person per day.  You won’t find another marketing tool that achieves so much exposure for such a small investment. The keys to developing a fantastic profit-producing wall calendar marketing campaign are:

  • Timeliness
  • Relevance and value
  • Branding
  • Promotion
  • Distribution

Let’s briefly examine each of these so you can print calendars destined to grow your business this year.

Calendar Marketing Timeliness

Now is the time to start planning, printing and distributing your calendars – and other marketers know it.  Being the early bird can help you get your wall calendars up before your competitors even distribute theirs.  Print wall calendars that include the months of November and December of this year so you can start distribution over the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year holidays.  You want your calendars to be able to be placed on the wall now so they’re not forgotten.

Calendar Marketing Relevance and Value

Print calendars that are both relevant to your business and target audience.  One perfect example would be a dog groomer who prints calendars featuring beautiful dogs every month.  The groomer’s customers are dog lovers, so they would naturally be apt to hang such calendars on their walls.  The groomer could also include a few tips every month to help keep customers’ dogs healthy and happy, thereby adding value and turning the calendar into a useful reference.

Calendar Marketing Branding

Your brand name and logo, as well as your contact information, should be on every single page of your calendar.  You want customers to become familiar with your brand and identify you as the go-to company in your industry.

Calendar Marketing Promotion

I’m amazed that so many companies invest in calendar marketing yet do not take advantage of the incredible promotion opportunities afforded by calendars.  You can market a different special promotion every single month, week or day of the year.  Simply print your special promotion on your calendar dates, and include coupon codes so you can track your calendar direct marketing return on investment.

Calendar Marketing Distribution

You have to get your calendars in the hands of your customers.  To do so, you can mail them to a targeted mailing list, visit customers in person, hand them out at the register, give them away at trade shows and festivals, and leave them on counters at non-competing businesses that share your target customer base. Simply put, wall calendar marketing is perhaps the most affordable and powerful weapon in your arsenal.  If you’re  not sure how to get started, you can download free wall calendar templates from PsPrint, where you can also boost your return on investment by taking advantage of discounted premium wall calendar printing.

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