Business Insight: Why Booklets Are Good for Business

July 8, 2013

Kitchen planning booklet for Covered Bridges Cabinetry by Greg Howell

When you think of powerful marketing, what comes to mind? Perhaps a multi-channel campaign that reaches potential customers in nearly every form of media? How about a single ad with a cleverly poignant image? Both of those can be considered powerful marketing – in fact, any marketing campaign that yields an outstanding return could be considered powerful. But when you think of powerful marketing campaigns, how often do booklets come to mind? Probably never. And that’s a shame, given that booklets can prove to be among  your most powerful marketing tools. Here are five reasons why booklets are good for business.

1.  Booklets have value

A good booklet has value for your customers. Rather than being multi-page advertisements, booklets are useful. They educate and inspire. Examples include a home theater company that prints a booklet about how to select and set up a home theater system, and a painting company that prints booklets with project inspiration photos and color palettes.  When you pack booklets with content your customers want, your brand will be reinforced with every turn of the page.

2.  Booklets establish credibility

Booklets that contain expert advice help establish you a credible and trusted leader in your industry. Trust is paramount in the business world, and when customers trust you they won’t hesitate to buy from you.

3.  Booklets immerse customers in company culture

Your booklets should feature stories, case studies and other content that brings readers into your company culture. Rather than come off as a stuffy corporation, you use booklets that demonstrate that you’re “one of them.” Identify with your customers, and you’ll foster a sense of solidarity. Be transparent, and customers will feel like they’re a part of your company – not suckers with dollars to spend. When customers have a sense of ownership, they’ll champion your brand. And word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool.

4.  Booklets foster customer loyalty

By giving customers value, establishing your credibility and bringing customers into company culture, you’ll be able to enjoy fierce customer loyalty. While you might generate some quick sales from your booklet marketing campaign, the long-term spend generated by customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing can be enormous.

5.  Booklets present direct marketing opportunities

While your booklets shouldn’t be multi-page advertisements, you can definitely include your products and services in your content. Helping customers decide which product is best for their situation is one way to do this; product reviews are another. It’s also good to include a few advertisements throughout your booklet, and your brand and contact information should be featured on every page. Finally, include discount coupons: your booklet will get customers excited about buying from you, and the extra incentive can yield immediate sales.

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

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