30 Things to Market with Door Hangers

August 22, 2013

Door hanger for PsPrint customer Wash The Dog. Door hanger for PsPrint customer Wash The Dog.

Door hanger for PsPrint customer Wash The Dog.

Door hangers are awesome marketing tools. They’re impossible to ignore. They’re cheap to print and distribute. And they can generate an excellent return on your investment when you use door hangers to market the right way. The following lists 30 ways you can market your business with door hangers.

  1. Time-limited special offers
  2. New products and services
  3. The fact that neighbors bought from you (think real estate and household services)
  4. Special events
  5. Coupons
  6. Mobile apps with QR codes
  7. New location grand opening
  8. Fundraising events
  9. Speaking engagements
  10. Customer tips and accompanying consultation offer
  11. Useful online resources
  12. VIP treatment or complimentary service
  13. Refer-a-friend deals
  14. Birthday offers
  15. Anniversary offers
  16. Holiday sales
  17. Major company announcements
  18. Political messages
  19. Brand reinforcement/customer engagement
  20. Reasons you’re better than your competitors
  21. Social media “follow” and “like” requests and incentives
  22. Facebook contests
  23. Local contests
  24. New staff members (such as a restaurant acquiring a renowned master chef)
  25. Community projects (recruiting pantry goods for the underprivileged, for example)
  26. Future forecast to encourage immediate sales
  27. Newsletter subscriptions (online and off)
  28. Business partnerships and packages (buy from one business, get a discount at another)
  29. Try-before-you-buy freebie
  30. Appointment-setting

As you can see, door hangers are capable of helping your small business market a wide variety of products, services and promotional campaigns. A powerful offer, targeted distribution, compelling copy, attention-getting design and professional discount door hanger printing will help you yield an excellent door hanger marketing response rate. And since door hangers are so cheap to produce, they’re some of the most unsung heroes of the marketing world – often overlooked by budget-strapped small business that stand to turn a profit if they engaged in door hanger marketing. What other ways can you market your business with door hangers? Let me know in the comments!

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