25 Creative Earth Day Advertisements

April 21, 2014

Why is it that some of the most creative ad designs in the world are created for Earth Day? Is it because so many designers share a passion for saving the Earth? Or is it because predicting the effects of pollution, global warming (or “weirding,” if you’re a Friedman fan), and other environmental hazards presents a blank slate for ingeniously imagined graphic design? I think it’s both, and whether I’m right or wrong there’s no denying that creativity abounds when graphic designers set out to make a point on Earth Day. For your inspiration, here are 25 creative Earth Day advertisements.

1.  Save Earth: Mt. Everest by Pupa Communication

Adeevee - Save Earth Mt. Everest - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-04-19-Optimized 

2.  Rainforest/South America paper towel dispensers for WWF

Top 30 Earth Day ads MNN - Mother Nature Network - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-07-11-Optimized 

3.  Earth Day Canada by DDB

Adeevee - Earth Day Canada Clear-cut - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-08-44-Optimized 

4.  Jeep Earth Day by Draftfcb

Print advertising 95 brilliant examples Print design Page 4 Creative Bloq_2014-03-24_14-10-07-Optimized 

5.  Public Earth Day Magazine: Fat World by Nossa

Adeevee - Publico Earth Day Magazine Fat World - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-12-19-Optimized 

6.  Green Earth Technology: Surrender by Grey

Adeevee - Green Earth Technology Surrender - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-13-53-Optimized 

7.  BUND Earth Day advertisement by Mccann Erickson Frankfurt

Adeevee - BUND Friends of the Earth Travelling Fruits - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-15-10-Optimized 

8.  Earth Day Canada advertisement

Earth Day « Creative Advertisements for NGO - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-16-23-Optimized 

9.  Liberty Power Earth Day advertisement

xxx-LIB-Print-page-001.jpg (1650×1650) - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-17-24-Optimized 

10.  Denver Water: Use Only What You Need

Great Green Ads - Best Environmental Ad Campaigns - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-19-17-Optimized 

11.  UNICEF Earth Day advertisement

Top 30 Earth Day ads MNN - Mother Nature Network - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-20-06-Optimized 

12.  World Earth Day: The Last Birthday

25 Most Creative Earth Day Advertisements 1 Design Per Day - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-21-17-Optimized 

13.  Land Rover Earth Day advertisement by Filadelfia

Adeevee - Land Rover Earth - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-22-28-Optimized 

14.  Earth 911: Recycled Saves More Than Trees

Adeevee - Earth 911 Recycling saves more than trees - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-23-46-Optimized 

15.  Sea rubbish

all the rubbish in the sea creative ads Pinterest - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-24-58-Optimized 

16.  WWF: Switch Off campaign by Clemenger BBDO

Adeevee - Wwf Earth Hour Factory, Earth, Footprint - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-26-04-Optimized 

17.  Global Warming by Karim Fakhoury

Global Warming by KarimFakhoury on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-28-53-Optimized 

20.  Earth Day Canada: Rubber Ducky

dda9e2b76ce36cbcca6c5105540706a0.jpg (432×590) - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-30-10-Optimized 

21.  WWF: Earth Day Ice Cream

The world of creative advertising » Global warming, Protection of animals, Envir_2014-03-24_14-31-47-Optimized 

22.  Mitsubishi Earth Day

Adeevee - Mitsubishi Sport Earth - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-33-06-Optimized 

23.  The Big Ask: Polar Bear by TBWA Brussels

Adeevee - Friends Of The Earth (The Big Ask) Global Warming Awareness Campaign _2014-03-24_14-38-20-Optimized 

24.  Pro Wildlife: Help Mother Nature Fight Back by Jung von Matt


25.  Running out of time by Pepey

Time by pepey on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-03-24_14-44-01-OptimizedWhich Earth Day advertisement is your favorite, and why? Do you have an awesome Earth Day advertisement design to share with us? Let us know in the comments!

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