10 Cool Blue Designs

November 14, 2013

Blue is the most popular color in the world. In fact, 40 percent of people worldwide name blue as their favorite color. Blue is one of the top five color choices for brands and home paint (though, curiously, not for cars), and it’s a color often employed in graphic design. Blue designs command attention, no matter what hue of blue they’re colored. Blue is trustworthy and loyalty, blue is dashing and striking. What is it about the color blue that makes humans respond so eagerly?

It could be the fact that the sky is blue; or, at least, a blue sky often represents calms, comfortable weather. Through the ages, mankind may have been conditioned to be soothed by a blue sky and the color blue in general. Blue is also often associated with water, particularly fresh water necessary for human survival.

The psychology of the color blue is enigmatic. Though associated with tranquility, people who work in blue rooms are more productive. Moreover, the color blue can have a physiological affect as well: it can lower your pulse rate and body temperature.

It’s no wonder, then, that blue is often applied liberally in the world of graphic design. Different hues carry different meanings to different people, certainly, but in the grand scheme of things designers know their blue designs not only command attention, but command an emotional response. Here are 10 cool blue designs featuring the world’s favorite color.

1.  Save The Date Toronto by Ann Patricia Ramos Vielmas

Save the Date - Toronto on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-45-01-Optimized


2.  Blue paint by Eight Hour Day

Eight Hour Day » Blog — Designspiration - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-46-37-Optimized


3.  Super Woman via MSMR

MS MR - Candy Bar Creep Show - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-48-00-Optimized


4.  Bedcelona Mural by Ivan Bravo

Bedcelona mural on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-49-22-Optimized


5.  Marilyn in Graphic Design by Christian Pondeville

Marilyn in graphic design, Pon', Digital Arts, Graphics, Artists - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-50-20-Optimized


6. Danube by Visual Graphic

Graphic Content • visualgraphic Danube - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-52-08-Optimized


7.  Hahn SuperDry by Scott Nolan and Paul Fiore

Hahn Super Dry Pioneering Beering on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-54-47-Optimized


8.  Amongst Friends by Sam Bevington

DESIGN A EMPORTER - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-56-09-Optimized


9.  Blue Goose by Sid Lee Agency

Blue Goose Pure Foods on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-57-03-Optimized


10.  Airborne or Aquatic by Cargo Collective

Cargo — Designspiration - Google Chrome_2013-09-30_09-58-35-Optimized

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