15 presidential design tutorials that rule

February 16, 2018

From White House presidential portrait manipulations to fake TIME Magazine covers to countless PS battles, Photoshop has certainly made its mark Donald Trump’s presidency. In many ways, Photoshop has become the Digital Age’s political cartoon maker as creatives use the powerful software to satirize the presidency.

In fact, graphic design finally began earning its due as a political influencer during Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign. From Obama’s modern logo to Shepard Fairey’s famous “Hope” poster, the Obama campaign was the first to market its candidate like a high-end consumer brand – and much of that memorable branding was achieved through graphic design.

In honor of President’s Day and the enormous role graphic designers play in presidential elections, the following lists 15 presidential design tutorials that rule. Use them to design and print your own political campaign marketing tools – or to create funny artwork featuring U.S. presidents.

1. Stained wood presidential seal tutorial on Mastering Photo

 Presidential Seal design tutorial


2. Political campaign button design tutorial on PS Hero

 political campaign button design tutorial


3. Barack Obama digital painting tutorial on Abduzeedo

 Obama digital painting tutorial


4. Photoshop rippling flag tutorial on Creative Pro

 rippling flag


5. Abraham Lincoln text poster tutorial by Blue Lightning TV on YouTube

 Lincoln text poster


6. Realistic money/dollar bill Photoshop effect tutorial on Spoon Graphics

 money tutorial


7. Stylized election poster tutorial on Speckyboy

 election poster tutorial


8. Barack Obama “Hope” poster design tutorial by Blue Lightning TV on YouTube

 Obama Hope poster design tutorial


9. Patriotic text using displacement masks tutorial on PS Hero

 patriotic text tutorial


10. How to make a presidential campaign button in Photoshop on YouTube

 presidential campaign button tutorial


11. Political logo design tutorial by Logo Design Guru on YouTube

 political logo design tutorial


12. Turn President Obama into a hologram on Wonder How To

 Obama hologram


13. Bill Clinton caricature coloring tutorial by Jon Casey on YouTube

 Bill Clinton caricature tutorial


14. Trump easy caricature Photoshop tutorial by Cube Media on YouTube

 Trump caricature design tutorial


15. Abraham Lincoln photo restoration Photoshop tutorial by LT Designs GFX on YouTube

 Abraham Lincoln photo restoration before and after tutorial

Whether you’re tasked with designing a political campaign poster, sticker, or button for a serious campaign, or you’re seeking a fun project such as creating a caricature of President Trump or past presidents, you can use these tutorials to craft amazing artwork that commands attention. When you’re done designing, bring your presidential design to live with premium printing at discount prices!

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