25 Frightening Designs Featuring Phobias

October 26, 2015

image[47] Getting frightened is part of the thrill of Halloween – as long as it’s in good fun. Rational or not, we all suffer fears that send shivers of morbid terror through our bodies. Some of these fears are shared by many, others are more obscure, but we can all relate to the extreme emotions related to fear. While some phobias are debilitating, fear can also be entertaining: it’s the reason we watch so many horror movies during the month of October. Skewed toward entertainment, here are 25 frightening designs featuring phobias.

1. Phasmophobia by herringbonnes

Fear of ghosts. phasmophobia_by_icarusicarus-d34tlbt  

2. Pyrophobia by Wolf-Shadow77

Fear of fire. pyrophobia_by_wolf_shadow77-d47f6zl  

3. Claustrophobia by Black-Nemesi

Fear of small or enclosed spaces. claustrophobia_by_black_nemesi  

4. Phobias by Zoey Lane

Fear of death. adf94bca9b2fa2cda21e6e0bfb7949a2  

5. Heliophobia by Marvelous-Miscreant

Fear of the sun. heliophobia_by_marvelous_miscreant-d4fo9jc  

6. Apiphobia by pbird12

Fear of bees. apiphobia_by_pbird12-d3fmcfo  

7. Ophidiophobia by Kayo-siddhi

Fear of snakes. ophidiophobia_by_kayo_siddhi  

8. Necrophobia by helgephoenix

Fear of the dead. necrophobia_by_helgephoenix-d34okz4  

9. Cynophobia by hybridsisterskiller

Fear of dogs. holy_hell_by_hybridsisterskiller-d8mnaq0  

10. Xenophobia by luka-basyrov-art

Fear of strangers. xenophobia_by_luka_basyrov_art-d4r4w2i  

11. Hydrophobia by merrinou

Fear of water. 23046953c923f771c927d1bc3ad49943-d4q3wgw  

12. Ophidiophobia by Sherwil de Guzman

Fear of snakes. 140045288cebba04e240cd2a962b73e8  

13. Claustrophobia by Laura Bernard

Fear of small or enclosed spaces. 90794129783979.56036238bdf8c  

14. Hydrophobia by Tyshea

Fear of water. pt__hydrophobia_by_tyshea-d4lreja  

15. Arachnophobia by sushiekat

Fear of spiders. arachnophobia_by_sushiekat  

16. Coulrophobia by Wai Khen Soh

Fear of clowns. f4446c15047879.561acd9a49d6a  

17. Pediophobia by XxLevanaxX

Fear of dolls. pediophobia_by_xxlevanaxx-d75atcx  

18. Know Your Fear by dianar87

Coulrophobia and arachnophobia. know_your_fear_by_dianar87  

19. Fear of Bees by Laura Loraine


20. Merinthophobia by jggy

Fear of being tied up. merinthophobia_by_jggy-d12odut  

21. Buried Alive by SpookyChan

Taphophobia – fear of being buried alive. _buried_alive__by_spookychan  

22. Arachnophobia by Lio Shkedi

Fear of spiders. 761009be2e4c00b63843308aa514b7c4  

23. Acrophobia by Xeeming

Fear of heights. the_amityville_project__phobos____acrophobia__by_xeeming-d6m0e04  

24. Spectrophobia by badcciintra

Fear of seeing one’s own reflection. spectrophobia_by_pirate_sarah_pdc  

25. Pediophobia by Steph Capria

Fear of dolls. 02f2b312730629.5618a9c32819f   Are you creating your own phobia-based design? When you’re done, bring your art to life as a poster.

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