25 new Photoshop tutorials for April

April 6, 2018

Photoshop tutorials are wonderful tools you can use to enhance your design skills, whether you’re a novice designer learning the ropes or an experienced professional graphic designer exploring new ideas and trends. Want to know how to create a cartoon text effect in Photoshop? How to use layered sharpening to achieve better photo results? How to whiten teeth or even swap faces? We’ve got you covered in this list of 25 new Photoshop tutorials for April.

1. How to remove people from photos on Photoshop Training Channel

 remove people


2. How to create a cartoon text effect in Photoshop on Envato Tuts Plus

 cartoon text effect


3. Sky replacement Photoshop tutorial on Tutvid

 sky replacement


4. How to create a fantasy winter portrait on Photoshop Star

 fantasy winter portrait


5. Rubber stamp text effect Photoshop tutorial on Lifewire

 rubber stamp


6. How to create custom Mac icons with Photoshop on Forever Dansky

 custom mac icons


7. Asian floral text effect tutorial on PSD Dude

 text effect


8. How to create perfect shadows in Photoshop on PHLearn

 photoshop shadows tutorial


9. Frost effect in Photoshop on Nemanja Sekulic Photography

 frost effect


10. How to whiten teeth in Photoshop on Creative Live

 whiten teeth tutorial


11. Abstract pixel sorting effect tutorial on Spoon Graphics

 abstract pixel sorting effect


12. Waiting Photoshop tutorial on Hasshasib

 waiting poster tutorial


13. Glowing space text effect tutorial on Pro Design Tutorials

 glowing space text effect tutorial


14. Face swap Photoshop tutorial on Graphicadi

 face swap Photoshop tutorial


15. How to move body parts in Photoshop on Erin Gipford

 how to move body parts in Photoshop


16. How to place an image inside text in Photoshop on Ivory Mix

 image inside text Photoshop tutorial


17. How to create reflected landscapes in Photoshop on Vids FYI

 reflected landscapes tutorial


18. How to sharpen better with layered sharpening in Photoshop on SLR Lounge

 layered sharpening tutorial


19. How to create a professional web layout on Photoshop Tutorials

 web layout Photoshop tutorial


20. Beautiful watercolor portrait effect by Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube

 beautiful watercolor effect


21. Sci-Fi graphics Photoshop tutorial on Digital Arts Online

 Photoshop scifi graphics tutorial


22. Transparent glass text tutorial on Photoshop Café

 transparent glass text photoshop tutorial


23. Double exposure hands-over-face effect by Blue Lightning TV on YouTube

 double exposure


24. How to create a dark photo effect Photoshop action on Envato Tuts Plus

 photoshop action tutorial


25. Create a drippy glossy text effect in Photoshop on Spoon Graphics

 hot text effect

Ready to use the tips and tricks found in these Photoshop tutorials to craft your next masterpiece? When you’re done creating your artwork, make sure it looks as amazing on paper as it does on your screen with premium printing at discount prices!

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