25 New Photoshop Tutorials for January

January 9, 2017

Ever wondered how to remove tourists from your vacation photos? Or how to create a mysterious ghost ship? Perhaps you’d like to apply fantasy effects to your photos, or create cool double-exposure artwork? You’ll learn how to do all of these and more with the following 25 new Photoshop tutorials for January.

1.  The 'Gotcha' of creating a new document in Photoshop 2017 on Tip Squirrel

 Photoshop tutorial


2.  Remove tourists from vacation photos in Photoshop on Photoshop Training Channel

 Photoshop tutorial


3.  How to create a geometric collage text effect in Photoshop on Envato Tuts+

 Photoshop geometric collage text effect


4.  How to create a misty atmosphere in a landscape shot on Tutorialized

 create a misty atmosphere Photoshop tutorial


5.  Create an ‘Iron Man’ hologram effect on Editor Photoshop

 Iron Man Photoshop hologram effect


6.  The making of 'Ghost Ship' on 3D Total

 ghost ship photoshop tutorial


7.  Create a romantic scene on PSD Box

 romantic scene Photoshop tutorial


8.  Photo in a bottle on Panosfx

 Put a photo in a bottle with Photoshop


9.  How to change a photo from summer to winter on Spoongraphics

 change summer to winter Photoshop tutorial


10.  Skin retouching basics on Graphicadi

 skin retouching photoshop tutorial


11.  Creating embroidered type in Photoshop on Deke

 how to create embroidered type in photoshop


12.  Ultimate dehaze Photoshop actions on Photoshop Tutorials

 dehaze photoshop actions tutorial


13.  How to create a sunburst background in Photoshop on Super Dev Resources

 how to create a sunburst background with Photoshop


14.  Business card design Photoshop tutorial on Dezcorb

 business card photoshop design tutorial


15.  Using luminosity masks vs blend if on Petapixal

 mask vs blend


16.  How to add dummy text into your designs using Photoshop on Creative Nerds

 photoshop dummy text tutorial


17.  Exploding text effect on Vavstv

 exploding text effect photoshop how to


18.  Faster cropping in Photoshop's camera raw on Scott Kelby

 fast photoshop cropping camera raw


19.  Fantasy photo effects tutorial on Rafy-a

 how to apply fantasy photo effects with Photoshop


20.  Warm atmosphere effect tutorial on Photoshop Star

 warm atmosphere photo effect tutorial


21.  Match lighting in Photoshop on Chaitanya Graphics

 how to match lighting in Photoshop


22.  Create a logo that includes your own face on Got Photoshop

 How to photoshop a face logo


23.  Creating out-of-bounds images on Amateur Nikon

 how to make out of bounds images in Photoshop


24.  Double exposure tutorial on Hasshasib

 Photoshop double exposure tutorial


25.  Create an artwork using just three colors on Digital Arts Online

 three-color artwork tutorial Photoshop

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