25 New Photoshop Tutorials for July

July 12, 2017

Do you need a design degree to be a graphic designer? Not if the Internet has anything to do with it! Whether you’re an amateur photographer seeking to spruce up your photographs or a seasoned design pro who wants to brush up on new tricks and techniques, you can use free online Photoshop tutorials to master your craft and become a better designer in no time. To that end, the following lists 25 new Photoshop tutorials for July.

1. Duotone effect Photoshop tutorial on Shutterstock

 dutone tutorial


2. Aquaman text effect tutorial on Envato Tuts Plus



3. Photoshop vintage effect tutorial on Digital Arts Online

 vintage effect


4. Matrix face GIF tutorial on PSD Dude

 Matrix face GIF


5. Working with Photoshop masks tutorial on Dansky

 Photoshop masks tutorial


6. Dark light effect tutorial on Adobe Users

 dark light


7. Wonder Woman logo Photoshop tutorial on Abduzeedo

 Wonder Woman logo Photoshop tutorial


8. How to clean skin with the Photoshop clone tool on SLR Lounge

 clone tool tutorial


9. How to make a punk rock poster in Photoshop on Punkabilly

 punk rock poster tutorial


10. Create a 3D planet effect in Photoshop on Tutorials Junction

 3D planet


11. Create a stunning surreal landscape on Photoshop Tutorials

 surreal landscape tutorial


12. Create a sea splash effect in Photoshop on Editician Zone

 splash effect tutorial


13. Creative spotlights with the radial gradient on F64 Academy

 radial gradient tutorial


14. How to create a puzzle effect tutorial on Photoshop Star

 puzzle effect tutorial


15. Knotting a nail Photoshop tutorial on Design Crowd

 knot a nail tutorial Photoshop


16. Glitch effect Photoshop tutorial on PSD Desire

 glitch tutorial


17. How to replace a boring sky in Photoshop on Shutterbug

 replace sky


18. How to whiten teeth on Photoshop Tutorials Club

 whiten teeth photoshop tutorial


19. How to create polka dot brushes in Photoshop on Graphic Xtras

 polka dot brush Photoshop tutorial


20. Photoshop splash effect on PS Tutorials Hut

 splash effect


21. Create cosmic art tutorial on Digital Arts Online

 cosmic art tutorial


22. How to add a rain effect to an architectural rendering in Photoshop on Tony Textures

 rain effect tutorial


23. How to create areas of color in a black and white photograph with Photoshop on Its Organized

 color in black and white tutorial


24. The ultimate guide to Photoshop keyboard shortcuts on Tricky Photoshop

 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts guide


25. Build a time-lapse video with Photoshop on Adorama TV

 time-lapse video in Photoshop

Ready to put these tutorials to the test? Whether you’re designing a business card, brochure, flyer, or banner, when you’re done learning your new design skills, bring your artwork to life with premium discount printing services

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