25 New Photoshop Tutorials for October

October 10, 2016

Great graphic designers are more marketable graphic designers, and they consistently enhance their skills to maintain that status. One great way to become a better graphic designer is to follow free Photoshop tutorials online. Whether you’re a beginning graphic designer or a seasoned pro, you can pick up some new tricks from the following 25 new Photoshop tutorials.

1. How to create a hyperrealistic non-destructive lens flare effect in Photoshop on PhotoshopCafe

 lens flare tutorial


2. Digital drawing for beginners: before you start drawing on EnvatoTuts+

 digital drawing tutorial


3. How to remove a background in Photoshop on DigitalArtsOnline

 background removal tutorial


4. Patch tool in Photoshop-how to use it on TrickyPhotoshop

 patch tool tutorial


5. Create “City In Flame” digital montage in Photoshop on PSDVault

 City in Flame Photoshop tutorial


6. Small objects in Photoshop Adobe on PhotoshopTutorials

 small objects


7. Banksy style stencil graffiti effect in Photoshop on PhotoshopTrainingChannel

 stencil graffiti


8. Silhouette simple Photoshop manipulation tutorial on PSDBox

 silhouette photomanipulation


9. Create the Doom logo in Photoshop on Tutvid

 doom logo


10. Get great-looking fonts in your design on AdobePhotoshopCC

 Photoshop fonts


11. Working with layer masks in Adobe Photoshop on SleekLens

 layer masks tutorial


12. Changing eye color in an image with Photoshop on PhotoshopEssentials

 change eye color tutorial photoshop


13. Understanding frequency separation on LSPActions

 frequency separation tutorial


14. How to create legible white on white text with Photoshop on Medialoot

 create legible white on white text in photoshop


15. Autumn photo effects on PhotoshopTutorials

 autumn photo effect tutorial



16. Create a cool infrared effect with Adobe Photoshop on PhotoShopStar

 photoshop night vision


17. How to create an easy gold glitter text effect in Adobe Photoshop on PitDesigns

 photoshop gold glitter


18. Glowing neon lights on Photoshop123

 glowing neon lights


19. How to blend texture with images in Adope Photoshop Manipulation on HarshVardhanArt

 blend texture with images


20. How to make professional YouTube thumbnails on Reddit



21. Water in light bulb photomanipulation on PhotoshopSecrets



22. Animals Photoshop tutorial manipulation effects on CreatoezKuroba

 animals photomanipulation ttorial


23. How to whiten teeth with Photoshop on JesserSellam

 whiten teeth in photoshop


24. Create multiple balls in motion tutorial on Evermotion

 balls tutorial


25. How to create a photo frame in Photoshop on SalesForceIQ

 photoshop photo frame tutorial

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