25 New Photoshop Tutorials for October

October 5, 2014

It’s time for another monthly installment of the latest and greatest free Photoshop tutorials on the web. I’ve said it before, but I always marvel at the design community’s generosity: the willingness to share trade secrets and help other designers craft amazing designs at no personal gain is one of the great acts of altruism today, because it enables other designers – even potentially competing designers – to hone their crafts and land better and higher-paying work. If you’ve followed along with Photoshop tutorials, take a moment to thank their creators – it’s the least you can do if they’ve helped you become a better designer so you can put food on your table. Now, without further ado, here are 25 new Photoshop tutorials you can follow today.

1.  Chrome effect by Abudzeedo

Chrome Effect in Photoshop Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_12-18-34  

2.  Photo to “Sin City” Photoshop tutorial by sulfar

sincity tutorial by sulfar on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_12-20-42  

3.  Create a sense of motion with path blur by Stephen M. Burns

Use Path Blur to Create a Sense of Motion Planet Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_12-22-44  

4.  900-foot-tall baby Photoshop tutorial on BuzzFeed

Easy Photoshop Tutorial Making Your Baby A 900 Foot Giant - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_12-24-17  

5.  UI animation in Photoshop tutorial by Taylor Ling

UI Animation in Photoshop – Tutorial #1 Android User Interface User Experien_2014-09-02_12-54-17  

6.  Dynamic nightclub poster Photoshop tutorial by Vik Aadi

Create a Dynamic Night Club Poster in Photoshop Photoshop Tutorials - Google C_2014-09-02_12-56-05  

7.  Kickboxer gritty photo retouch Photoshop tutorial by Glen Dewis

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL Kick Boxer Gritty Retouch #59 - Glyn Dewis - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_12-59-09  

8.  Create an eye-catching voucher in Photoshop by Robert Sarudy

Design an Eye-Catching Voucher in Photoshop - Tuts Design & Illustration Tutori_2014-09-02_13-01-20  

9.  Photoshop a dreamy haze effect by Photoshop 123

Amazing Dreamy Haze Effect - Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-02-59  

10.  Burnt lady photomanipulation Photoshop tutorial by Kris Shields

VIP Exclusive Photoshop Tutorial - Create Burnt Lady Photo Manipulation in Photo_2014-09-02_13-07-12  

11.  How to fix uneven skin tones Photoshop tutorial by Gannon Burgett

Tutorial An Effective Method for Fixing Uneven Skin Tones in Photoshop - Google_2014-09-02_13-08-30  

12.  Create a photo collage by WebDesignDev

Adobe Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-10-34  

13.  Double exposure effect tutorial by Spoon Graphics

How To Create a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-13-31  

14.  Sand writing text effect tutorial by Text Tuts

Sand Writing Text Effect Textuts - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-14-36  

15.  Create an emotional manipulation in Photoshop on SkillFeed

photoshop Tutorial Create Emotional Manipulation in Photoshop! Skillfeed - Go_2014-09-02_13-15-49  

16.  How to make colors pop in Photoshop on SLR Lounge

How To Make Colors Pop In Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-17-26  

17.  Make an animated iPhone wireframe in Photoshop by Ice Flow Studios

Animated iPhone Wireframe in Photoshop IceflowStudios - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-18-39  

18.  Illustrate a rocketship in Photoshop by PSD Fan

Learn How to Illustrate a Realistic Rocketship in Photoshop PSDFan - Google Ch_2014-09-02_13-19-53  

19.  Glitch effect Photoshop tutorial by Kawiku

Glitch Effect Tutorial by Kawiku on deviantART - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-22-30  

20.  Exposure blending tutorial by Christopher O’Donnell

Exposure Blending Tutorial Preparing the Brackets in ACR - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-25-00  

21.  How to fix lipstick and correct lip lines Photoshop tutorial by Digital Arts

Photoshop tutorial How to fix lipstick and correct lip lines - Digital Arts - G_2014-09-02_13-27-36  

22.  Content aware fill Photoshop tutorial by Backscatter

GOA_content-aware-fill_2013_04_25_BandA_LG.jpg (2000×667) - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-31-26  

23.  The lazy way to paint with pixels in Photoshop by TutsPlus

The Lazy Way to Paint With Pixels in Adobe Photoshop - Tuts Design & Illustra_2014-09-02_13-35-02  

24.  Anti-alcohol concept poster by Jenny Le

Create an Anti-Alcohol Concept Artwork with Photoshop Photoshop Tutorials - Go_2014-09-02_13-37-01  

25.  Extract transparent elements by Planet Photoshop

Extracting Transparent Elements Planet Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-09-02_13-39-20   Which is your favorite Photoshop tutorial this month? Let us know in the comments!

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