30 Cool New Fonts For Holiday Designs

September 21, 2014

Want to give your greeting cards, gift labels, marketing materials and other holiday designs stand out with a unique splash of seasonal typography? Start by collecting new and cool fonts for holiday designs. As a graphic designer, you know how much font selection can influence the overall look and feel of your designs. You also know that designing for the holidays can be challenging in that you have to differentiate your designs without deviating too much from established holiday themes. Typography is a great way to give your holiday designs a fresh appeal without straying from commonly-understood themes; the same type in a new font can make all the difference, regardless of color and accompanying graphics. To that end, the following lists 30 cool new fonts for holiday designs. Download them and see how they fit into your holiday artwork today. Each font listed here is free to download! Just remember to check commercial use licenses, if required.

1.  Virginia Is For Lovers by Des

VirginiaIsForLovers font by Des - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-12-45  

2.  Single Sleeve by Vic Fieger

Single Sleeve Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-13-42  

3.  Credit Valley by Typodermic Fonts

Credit Valley Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-14-21  

4.  AC Mountain by Adrian Candela

AC Mountain Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-15-10  

5.  JollyGood Sans by Pixilate

Free Font JollyGood Sans by Pixilate Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-16-01  

6.  Taller by zetafonts

taller font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-16-44  

7.  Lisbon Script updated by Maria Arturo

Lisbon Script Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-17-55  

8.  Hexa Oxcer by Qbotype

Hexa Oxcer Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-19-03  

9.  Acryle Script by Mans Greback

Acryle Script Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-19-58  

10.  Wilma Mankiller modern by Chung-deh Tien

Wilma Mankiller modern font by Chung-deh Tien - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-20-58  

11.  Stephanie Dots by Galdino Otten

Stefanie Dots Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-22-13  

12.  Cloudy With A Chance Of Love by Zack VerVynck

Cloudy With a Chance of Love Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-23-07  

13.  Unquiet Spirits by Sinister Visions

Unquiet Spirits font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-24-19  

14.  Eliensee by Intellecta Design

Eliensee font by Intellecta Design - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-25-27  

15.  Noveey by ‘Sans

Noveey Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-26-14  

16.  Bowhouse by Adrian Candela

Bowhouse Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-27-00  

17.  Wintermute by Typodermic Fonts

Wintermute Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-27-32  

18.  Adolphus Serif by Adolfo

Adolphus Serif font by Adolfo - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-28-08  

19.  Frente H1 by Frente

Free Font Frente H1 by Frente Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-29-11  

20.  Waschkuesche by Peter Weigel

Waschkueche font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-29-56  

21.  Martell by Adrian Candela

Martell Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-30-47  

22.  Great Victorian by Dharma Type

Great Victorian Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-31-31  

23.  Little Blue Jay by Des

LittleBlueJay font by Des - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-32-58  

24.  Oraniebaum by Jovonny Lemonad

Free Font Oranienbaum by Jovanny Lemonad Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-34-06  

25.  A Lolita Scorned by AngeliQ

A Lolita Scorned font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-36-14  

26;  Oh The Horror by Rhea d’Souza

Oh The Horror font UrbanFonts.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-38-02  

27.  Gtek by Qbotype

Gtek Font - 1001 Free Fonts - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-39-24  

28.  Front Page News by Andrew McCluskey

Front Page News Font dafont.com - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-40-07  

29.  Flowers For You by Chris Vile

Flowers for you font by chrisvile - FontSpace - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-41-55  

30.  Porter Sans by Tyler Finck

Free Font Porter Sans by Tyler Finck Font Squirrel - Google Chrome_2014-09-15_12-44-05   Do you have a new free font that would be perfect for holiday designs? Share it with us in the comments!

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