30 Creative Easter Color Palettes for Graphic Designers

April 7, 2014

Quick, what colors define Easter? If you’re like most of the rest of the universe, you immediately thought of pastels. Pastel pink, green, blue, purple and yellow represent innocence and new birth: Springtime bringing the world to life. And though pastel color palettes are widely associated with Easter, limiting your Easter designs to pastels alone can quickly become boring. Moreover, overusing pastels can make your Easter marketing materials look just like everyone else’s. If you want to stand out this Easter, it’s a good idea to take some risks by experimenting with creative Easter color palettes. Here are 30 for your inspiration.

1.  Bleached Out Berry by Al Sweeney

Palette bleached out berry 6 COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-11-43  

2.  Succulent Spring by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color succulent spring - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-12-49  

3.  Romania Easter Eggs by moby2010dick

Romania Easter Eggs color color theme by moby2010dick - Adobe Kuler - Google Chr_2014-03-31_10-13-45  

4.  Easter Rainbow by Northern Dancer

Palette Easter rainbow COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-14-23  

5.  Flora Palette by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color flora palette - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-15-07  

6.  Bright Easter by starwars1138

bright easter color theme by starwars1138 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-15-36  

7.  Easter Grass RC by OrigamiMel

Palette Easter Grass RC COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-16-11  

8.  Color Play by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color color play - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-16-53  

9.  Easter Dinner by jessica_momm

easter dinner color theme by jessica_mommy_09 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-17-30  

10.  Morning Has Broken by southpaws

Palette Morning Has Broken COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-18-03  

11.  Peppered Palette by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color peppered palette - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-18-35  

12.  Life Science Company Easter Party by paxnorth

Life Science Company Easter Party color theme by paxnorth - Adobe Kuler - Google_2014-03-31_10-19-07  

13.  Happy Easter! by michelagohio

Palette Happy Easter! COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-19-58  

14.  Hummingbird Hues by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color hummingbird hues - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-20-31  

15.  Easter Monochromatic by stanwhite3

Easter Monochromatic color theme by stanwhite3 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-21-01  

16.  Easter Egg Gems by Skyblue2u

Palette Easter Egg Gems COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-21-38  

17.  Feathered Hues by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color feathered hues - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-22-07  

18.  Easter Time by ebimk

easter time color theme by ebimk - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-22-48  

19.  Toxic Easter Candy by OrigamiMel

Palette Toxic Easter Candy COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-23-30  

20.  Color Road by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color color road - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-24-05  

21.  Nor Easter by samuelcollins

Nor Easter color theme by samuelcollins094 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-24-33  

22.  Easter Dawn! by diva42

Palette Easter Dawn! COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-25-07  

23.  Global Hues by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color global hues - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-30-27  

24.  Easter Morning by sarahelizabeth3755

Easter morning color theme by sarahelizabeth3755 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-31-04  

25.  Rich Easter Wine by erisnx

Palette Rich Easter Wine COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-33-00  

26.  Color View by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color color view - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-33-28  

27.  Easter Chick by Rorschach72

Easter Chick color theme by rorshach72 - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-34-02  

28.  Easter Eggs by Trueflight

Palette Easter Eggs COLOURlovers - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-34-50  

29.  Nature Hues by Design Seeds

Design Seeds® for all who ❤ color nature hues - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-35-15  

30.  Hot Easter by hillaryhall

Hot Easter color theme by hillaryhall - Adobe Kuler - Google Chrome_2014-03-31_10-35-44   As these creative color palettes demonstrate, Easter designs can have greater impact when you augment pastels with bold, vivid colors – and even if you eschew pastels altogether. Help your brand stand out this Easter by experimenting with unique and creative Easter color palettes.

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