30 New Photoshop Tutorials

June 3, 2014

Nearly every graphic designer has used Photoshop tutorials to bolster their design skills; in fact, there’s perhaps no better way to become a better graphic designer than to follow Photoshop tutorials. Doing so melds design theory and software application into practicable skills that can help you become a more talented, more valuable designer. To that end, here are 30 new Photoshop tutorials you can follow along with today.

1.  Skin Retouching Photoshop Tutorial by FX Ray

Learn how to retouch skin in Photoshop using the frequency separation technique.FX-Ray - Skin Retouching - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-09-55 

2.  Fun Glossy Text Effect by Photoshop Tutorials

Use this effect to add a hot outline to your typography.Glossy Text Effect Photoshop Tutorials - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-12-11 

3.  Create a Paintbrush Icon by Andrei Marius

Fine-tune your icon-making skills with this Photoshop tutorial.Create a Paintbrush Icon in Adobe Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-13-34 

4.  Type and Images in Photoshop by Abudzeedo

If you like the recent website image/typography trend, this tutorial is for you.Playing with type and images in Photoshop Abduzeedo Design Inspiration - Googl_2014-05-02_10-15-00 

5.  Double Exposure Portraits by jmeyer

Digital Camera World blogger shows you how to create a surreal effect with double exposure portraits.Double exposure portraits a simple tutorial for making surrealist images Digi_2014-05-02_10-16-19 

6.  Curved Text Tutorial by Denny Tang

If you’re using the Warp Tool, you’re doing curved text wrong. Learn to do it the right way with curved paths.Quick Tip The Correct Way to Create Curved Text Photoshop Tutorials - Google _2014-05-02_10-17-54 

7.  Blurred Backgrounds by Siddharth

Create stunning motion-inspired images by blurring backgrounds.How to blur background in photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-19-12 

8.  Lost Princess in the Magic Forest by PSD Dude

Craft an incredible fantasy forest with this step-by-step Photoshop tutorial.Lost Princess in the Magic Forest - Photoshop tutorial PSDDude - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-20-30 

9.  Photoshop Winter Aurora by TutorialKing

Design a wonderful landscape with this tutorial.Create a Vivid Winter Aurora Landscape - Photoshop Tutorials Tutorial King - G_2014-05-02_10-21-45 

10.  Layer Filtering Tutorial by Advanced Photoshop

Find out how to make dynamic visuals with layer filtering.Photoshop Tip Layer filtering Advanced Photoshop - Free Photoshop Tutorials &_2014-05-02_10-23-04 

11.  Selective Saturation Tutorial by Hoolite

Use black and white to contrast beautiful color via selective saturation.Selective saturation in Photoshop HoOlite.be - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-25-43 

12.  Modern 3D Text Effect by PS Hero

Dress up your designs with this fun 3D text effect.Modern 3D Text Effect Text Effects PSHERO - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-27-17 

13.  Abstract Text with Metal Scraps by PSD Vault

Use your metal scraps to create a compelling abstract text effect.Create Abstract Text Effect with Metal Scraps in Photoshop PSD Vault - Google _2014-05-02_10-28-20 

14.  Add Sunbeams to Photos by Fstoppers

Ever have the perfect shot, if only the light shown through? Now you can add it after-the-fact with Photoshop.Photoshop Tutorial How To Add Sun Beams To Your Photo - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-29-13 

15.  WWF Forest Photoshop Tutorial by Blogilvy

Create a forest from scratch with Photoshop.Blogilvy — Random creative inspiration found online by Ogilvy Amsterdam — WWF Ph_2014-05-02_10-30-22 

16.  Replace The Sky with the Gradient Tool by Jimmy McIntyre

If the sky doesn’t do your photo justice, you can always swap it out!Photoshop Tutorial How to Easily Replace The Sky in Your Photos Using The Gradi_2014-05-02_10-31-38 

17.  Simulated Motion on 3D Objects by Stephen M. Burns

Lend a sense of motion to your 3D objects with Photoshop.Simulated Motion on 3D Objects in Photoshop CC Planet Photoshop - Google Chrom_2014-05-02_10-33-34 

18.  How to Make Eyes Look Amazing by DL Cade

Use Photoshop to add striking, brilliant eyes to your portrait subjects with Photoshop.Tutorial How to 'Make Eyes Look Amazing' In Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-36-26 

19.  Alice in Wonderland Photomanipulation by PSD Vault

Get surreal with this fun and fancy tutorial.Create Photo Manipulation with Alice in Wonderland Theme in Photoshop PSD Va_2014-05-02_10-38-49 

20.  Realistic Money Effect by Spoon Graphics

Just don’t print any counterfeit bills!How To Create a Realistic Money Effect in Photoshop - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-41-18 

21.  Faded Folded Paper Textures Tutorial by Simon H.

Lend your designs a worn, vintage look with the tips and techniques shared in this Photoshop tutorial.Paper Textures Tutorial Adding fake folds to your design in a jiffy with the fo_2014-05-02_10-42-52 

22.  Mask in Two Minutes Tutorial by Nathaniel Dodson

If you struggle to make good masks in Photoshop, this quick tutorial will put you on the right path.Learn to Mask in 2 Minutes - Photoshop Tutorial Tutvid.com - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-45-14 

23.  Fashion Mood Coloring in Photoshop by Composite Planet

This detailed video tutorial shows you how to set the mood with Photoshop coloring.Fashion mood coloring in photoshop » The most creative photoshop tutorials - Goo_2014-05-02_10-47-18 

24.  How To Create A Space Scene in Photoshop by PhotoshopKelly

Take your designs where no man has gone before!How to Create a Space Scene in Photoshop - The Photography Network - PictureSoci_2014-05-02_10-48-58 

25.  Transform Signatures Into Spectrographs with Photoshop by Blue Lighting TV

Try this tutorial for a psychedelic twist.Photoshop Transform Signatures into Stunning Spirographs - YouTube - Google Chr_2014-05-02_10-50-02 

26.   Sunglasses Reflection Photoshop Tutorial by PhotoshopKelly

Summer is almost here, so it’s a perfect time to try out this fan favorite technique.Sunglass Reflection Effect Photoshop Tutorial - The Photography Network - Pictur_2014-05-02_10-51-01 

27.  Use Filters To Adjust the Mood of a Photo by PhotoshopKelly

Another spectacular video tutorial, this one shows you how to adjust photograph moods with Photoshop filters.How to Adjust the Mood of a Photo - The Photography Network - PictureSocial - Go_2014-05-02_10-52-01 

28.  Create an Animated Pixelated Sprite in Photoshop by Gleb Polikanin

Create the coolest avatars with Photoshop.How to Create an Animated Pixel Art Sprite in Adobe Photoshop - Tuts Design & I_2014-05-02_10-53-22 

29.  Create a Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop by Jenny Le

Craft an amazing fantasy scene with the skills you’ll learn in this Photoshop tutorial.Create a Fantasy Underwater Scene with Photoshop PSDFan - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-55-16 

30.  Create a Vintage 50’s Letter with Photoshop by Rafik Massoud

Go retro mail with this Photoshop tutorial.final.jpg (1600×1200) - Google Chrome_2014-05-02_10-56-17

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[…] Nearly every graphic designer has used Photoshop tutorials to bolster their design skills; in fact, theres perhaps no better way to become a better graphic designer than to follow Photoshop tutorials. To that end, here are 30 new Photoshop tutorials you can follow along with today. 2. Fun Glossy Text Effect by Photoshop Tutorials Use this effect to add a hot outline to your typography. 30 New Photoshop Tutorials […]

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