30 Sweet Ice Cream Package Designs

June 13, 2013

When I was a kid, the best sound one could hear on a hot summer day was the carnival-esque medley of the ice cream truck. It was our cue to drop everything we were doing and beg sympathy in the form of a cool dollar from our parents, then engage in a footrace to the corner in which the winner was the first to get to order a sweet treat. Years later, my tastes have somewhat matured; however, I still enjoy a few spoonfuls of ice cream every now and again. And, I must admit, where my purchases were once dictated by whichever flavor featured a picture of my favorite super hero of the week, they’re now largely dictated by the ice cream packaging at the supermarket. Do I believe different ice cream brands taste different, and some are better than others? Certainly. But I’m neither an ice cream gourmet nor a discerning buyer. I buy what looks good. Thus, in salute to those ice cream brands who had the foresight to invest in professional package design, I present 30 sweet ice cream package designs for your inspiration. Each represents a unique style that would stand out to me at the grocery. Enjoy!

1.  Briolla

Briolla Ice Cream - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-05-27_08-08-45-Optimized 

2.  Glass Bonden


3.  Phin and Phebes


4.  Nonna Lina


5.  HEMA


6.  Yeti

Latte Design Experimental Ice Cream Project - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-05-27_08-12-16 

7.  Batch


8.  WayFare

Packaging of the World Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery WayFare Dia_2013-05-27_08-13-33 

9.  La Luna

BN package ice cream2 

10.  Jeni’s


11.  Igloo


12.  Beachy Cream


13.  2 Voglie


14.  Mikawaya

Mikawaya 2 

15.  Woo City


16.  Harriet’s Jolly Nice


17.  Loseley


18.  Mammoth Supply Co.


19.  Mr. Nicecream

Mr Nicecream 01 700 pix 

20.  Bardot


21.  Scoop


22.  YooMoo


23.  Paco Roncero


24.  Chumbi


25.  Connoisseur


26.  Joe’s


27.  La Strada


28.  Nativia


29.  Dodoni


30.  Not Guilty

Not Guilty by Freeez - The Dieline - - Google Chrome_2013-05-27_08-28-30

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