10 Captivating Club Card Flyer Designs

February 4, 2013

As flyers go, nightclubs boast some of the coolest designs on the planet.  That’s probably because they also play host to some of the wildest parties on the planet, but that subject is for another post on another blog.  Here, we appreciate stellar design, and perhaps partake in the shenanigans that go on beyond the VIP line.  Big cities and small, nightclubs vie for paying customers; which is why club card flyer design is such a critical aspect of nightclub marketing.  The more captivating the design, the more likely nightclubs are to best their competitors for business.  This creates yet another outstanding opportunity for graphic designers to profit, and you can find inspiration in the following 10 captivating club card flyer designs.

1.  Prohibition by Vincent Valentino

This club card flyer was designed for a “speakeasy style” cocktail and jazz bar in San Diego. Prohibition Speakeasy on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-19-07  

2.  HOOCH by Maxa Yakovitskaya

This creative fold-out club card flyer was designed for a popular nightclub in St. Petersburg. HOOCH, night club on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-19-54 HOOCH, night club on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-19-42  

3.  Blue Room by V1sualPoetry

This club card flyer advertises a party sponsored by Pepsi. BLUE PARTY PEPSI FLYER by ~V1sualPoetry on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-21-53  

4.  Tokyo Fusion by Ania Swiatlowska

This fun, hip, high-contrast flyer design invited guests to Tokyo Fusion Sushi Club. TOKYO FUSION SUSHI CLUB on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-22-47  

5.  Tux by Vickie de Laplante

The artist created this design to advertise a DJ playing at the popular Tux Nightclub. Tux Nightclub on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-23-54  

6.  Club La Boom by sounddecor

This club card flyer doubles as a ticket for the grand reopening of Montreal’s Club La Boom. grand reopenning by ~sounddecor on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-25-20  

7.  Euphoria by Cindy Shaw

I love the explosive design created by Cindy Shaw for Euphoria. Euphoria 2 on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-26-20  

8.  Coyote Ugly by V1sualPoetry

The (in)famous Coyote Ugly atmosphere is brought to life in this club card flyer design. Party Flyer by ~V1sualPoetry on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-27-12  

9.  Why Not by Marta Rocha and Atelier do Cais

This creative club card flyer design features a frosted, translucent medium. WHY NOT on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-28-10  

10.  Comedy Works by Josiah Mothershed

Denver’s premier comedy club promoted several upcoming acts on a single club card flyer design. Comedy Works on Behance - Google Chrome_2013-01-29_10-30-33

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

These are quite inspiring flyer designs you are portraying here great work. No doubt flyer designing & printing are one of the great way for promoting and advertising brands and products and if they created uniquely they can really ad value to your business.

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January 07, 2016 03:22 am #

Alice, you're absolutely right. Thanks for posting! Which is your favorite design?

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