30 Delicious Product Label Designs

March 9, 2014

All product labels are designed to entice customers to make a purchase, but some labels are able to tap into visual cues that make mouths water – and make a lot of money. When it comes to food product labels, design plays a critical role in how the quality of a brand is perceived and how much consumers want to take a given product home with them. The urges to eat and drink are among the most powerful in the human psyche, but being in a grocery store gives customers all the choices in the world; that is to say, they’re not starving and faced with only eating one product. That’s the reason different brands have different product labels. The one who can make customers actually want to eat (or drink) what’s inside wins. In that spirit, here are 30 delicious product label designs. Be forewarned: you might get hungry (or thirsty) viewing them!

1.  Reto Mathis’ Tomato Ketchup by TFK Kommunikation & Design

Reto Mathis' Delicatessen on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Ga_2014-03-04_19-56-19-Optimized  

2.  Aged Red Clover Honey by Nikki Cole

Art in the Making Package Design - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_19-58-04-Optimized  

3.  Malibu Red

Clear shrink-label lends shelf appeal to new rum drink Packaging World - Googl_2014-03-04_19-59-01-Optimized  

4.  Carolina Lemonade by Jessica Haas (student work)

Student Work – Jessica Haas Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-00-21-Optimized  

5.  La Yaya Isasa Yogurt by TSMGO

La Yaya Isasa, Artisan Yogurt — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-02-12-Optimized  

6.  Fontana Pure Table Water by Nenad Dosen

Fontana Pure Table Water on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gal_2014-03-04_20-05-34-Optimized  

7.  Oorvi by Brandlore

Oorvi on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - Google Chrom_2014-03-04_20-07-10-Optimized  

8.  DennyMike’s BBQ Sauces

DennyMike's BBQ Sauces and Rubs Undergo Branding and Packaging Overhaul Packag_2014-03-04_20-08-07-Optimized  

9.  Red Meat by Eric Lee (student work)

Red Meat (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design G_2014-03-04_20-09-33-Optimized  

10.  Niagara Oast House Brewers by Insight Design

Niagara Oast House Brewers Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-10-41-Optimized    

11.  Vesta Dry Hot Sauce by Paul Tuorto

Benny T's Vesta Dry Hot Sauce — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-11-44-Optimized  

12.  Mio Milkshakes by ASGARD

MIO Milk Shake on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - Goo_2014-03-04_20-12-53-Optimized  

13.  Birds and Bees by B&B Studio

Birds & Bees on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - Googl_2014-03-04_20-13-55-Optimized  

14.  Nature Valley Protein by Brand Image

Brandimage Honored for Package Design in 2013 American Graphic Design Awards Hon_2014-03-04_20-14-51-Optimized  

15.  Safeway Select Salad Dressings by Anthem

Anthem Wins Eight Packaging Design Awards In The 2013 American Graphic Design Aw_2014-03-04_20-16-02-Optimized  

16.  Heinz Culinary Ketchup by Ardagh Group

Heinz glass jar designed to drive new usage occasions Packaging World - Google_2014-03-04_20-17-28-Optimized  

17.  H.U.M.M. Limoncello by Butcher and Butcher

H.U.M.M Limoncello Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-18-27-Optimized  

18.  Tresor Brewery by Tyler Kruger (student work)

Student Tresor Brewery — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-19-39-Optimized  

19.  7 Days Bake Garlic Rolls by Mouse Graphics

7days Bake Rolls Garlic on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gall_2014-03-04_20-20-37-Optimized  

20.  The Spice House by Lauren Rust (student work)

The Spice House (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package D_2014-03-04_20-21-30-Optimized  

21.  Best Maid Pickles

P-s labels provide premium look for pickles Packaging World - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-22-27-Optimized  

22.  Gaia Authentic Flavours by BREAK

Gaia Authentic Flavours on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gall_2014-03-04_20-23-11-Optimized  

23.  Mr. Black

MR BLACK Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-24-01-Optimized  

24.  The Stock Market Soup Shop by Arithmetic Creative

Before & After Stock Market Soup Shop — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-24-56-Optimized  

25.  Pulo by Dossier Creative

Pulo on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-26-02-Optimized  

26.  The Great British Butcher Bloody Mary Rub by Design By Day

The Great British Butcher Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-26-44-Optimized  

27.  Miller Fortune by Soulsight

Miller Fortune — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-27-43-Optimized  

28.  Made Juice

Made Juice — The Dieline - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-28-27-Optimized  

29.  Earth & Vine Cocktail Mixers by Moxie Sozo

Cocktail Mixers on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery - Go_2014-03-04_20-29-24-Optimized  

30.  3 Howls Rum by Force and Form

3 Howls Lovely Package - Google Chrome_2014-03-04_20-30-21-Optimized

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