30 Awesome Graphic Design Blogs You're Not Following

November 22, 2012

From graphic design inspiration and tutorials to trending news and business advice, there are a ton of great graphic design blogs on the web. Many of us already follow perennial winners such as David Airey’s LogoDesignLove and Smashing Magazine, but the available pool of outstanding graphic design blogs isn’t limited to those most often cited. Be a better graphic designer with the tips, tricks, and tools shared in the following 30 awesome graphic design blogs you’re probably not following.

1.  Startup Quote!

This blog features daily business inspiration for graphic designers, especially pertinent to freelancers and those running small design agencies. Startup Quote - Daily Wisdom about Startups - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-02-39  

2.  Inspire Me Now

This blog is an excellent source of inspiration for the graphic designer who’s stuck on a project. Inspire Me Now - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-03-46  

3.  Logoholic

Logoholic is a blog dedicated to serving inspiration and articles for graphic designers, by graphic designers. Logo Design Blog Graphic Design Inspiration - Logoholic - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-08-07  

4.  Swiss Legacy

With a focus on typography and inspiration, this blog is the perfect place to settle in with a cup of hot mocha. Swiss Legacy Swiss Legacy, by the initiative of Art Director Xavier Encinas, i_2012-11-12_15-09-22  

5.  Beast Pieces

Don’t let the name fool you; this blog is seriously awesome. It focuses on the use of letterpress in design, an art form many have yet to master. Beast Pieces - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-10-42  

6.  Design Sojourn

A leading source for design strategy and management, founded by Brian Ling. Design Sojourn Design Thinking, Design Driven Innovation and Industrial Design_2012-11-12_15-12-11  

7.  Grain Edit

The cool thing about Grain Edit is that it focuses on design from the 1950s through the '70s, which can be used as inspiration for contemporary graphic designers. grain edit · modern graphic design inspiration blog vintage graphics resource _2012-11-12_15-13-40  

8.  It’s Nice That

This blog focuses on championing fresh, original design styles by both established and new designers. It's Nice That Home - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-14-56  

9.  Slapdashing

Slapdashing “focuses” on posting in a hurried manner, quickly showcasing the best of the best of new design online. Slapdashing Graphic Design Inspiration Blog &Stuff - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-16-17  

10.  The Crossed Cow

A collection of views, opinions and inspiration from the UK’s premier agency. THE CROSSED COW Blog from brand consultants The Partners - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-17-48  

11.  Font Police

A highly amusing blog that picks apart typography mistakes and makes suggestions we can all incorporate into our own graphic designs. Font Police - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-19-26  

12.  More Than This

A blog that attempts to document shifting design trends, thereby allowing designers to remain cutting edge. MoreThanThis (Blog) ™ — The Role of the Designer - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-20-52  

13.  Eat Sleep Draw

Dedicated to illustration, this blog has become one of the most popular on Tumblr. EatSleepDraw - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-22-11  

14.  Ace Jet 170

Here you’ll find unique, inspiring designs you won’t find in other compendiums. Ace Jet 170 - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-23-25  

15.  Usability Post

Usability isn’t just about function, it’s about form. Users need to understand the information presented to them, and take action accordingly. Design fuels that, and this blog explores why and how. UsabilityPost - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-25-24  

16.  Russell Davies

A particularly insightful and easy-to-read blog published by premier graphic designer Russell Davies. russell davies - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-26-44  

17.  The Skinny

Veer’s design blog, which features inspiration, ideas and some of the most wonderfully weird designs you’ll find online. The Skinny - Veer.com - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-29-29  

18.  Stuff and Nonsense

The blog of a small (by design) web design shop that works with only one client at a time, which leads to incredible insight from founder Andy Clarke we can all incorporate into our businesses. Stuff & Nonsense, And All That Malarkey - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-29-54  

19.  Dropshadows

At a glance, this blog might seem more geared toward developers with its code snippets and integrated tools. However, as the worlds of design and development continue to merge, having knowledge of the covered material will help you design better websites, whether you code them in-house or not. dropshado.ws - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-33-59  

20.  David N. Brooks

Gain insight into the world of web development as it relates to design from this renowned freelancer. DavidNBrooks.com The work of David Brooks. An Indiana-based Photographer, Music_2012-11-12_15-35-42  

21.  Outlaw Design Blog

Community curated gallery: What does that mean? Submit your work and rise the ranks as it gets appreciated. I like it for design inspiration and trends. Outlaw Design Blog » community curated design - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-38-17  

22.  At Issue

One of the most respected design sites out there, yet I rarely see it cited by other bloggers. That’s a shame, because if you’re not reading At Issue, you’re missing out on what is really driving the graphic design industry today. @Issue Journal of Business & Design by Corporate Design Foundation - Google Ch_2012-11-12_15-39-45  

23.  If it’s hip, it’s here

The blog’s name should be self-explanatory; it’s a collection of the trendiest of the trendy in design today. If It's Hip, It's Here - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-41-18  

24.  Beautiful Type

This elegantly designed blog focuses on typography, a topic we can all brush up on from time to time. Beautiful Type - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-42-39  

25.  Help! My Business Sucks!

This online TV show is made for all entrepreneurs, and includes valuable lessons freelance graphic designers and design agency owners can incorporate into their businesses. Small Business Marketing Tips Help! My Business Sucks! The irreverent and ent_2012-11-12_15-43-44  

26.  Brand Flakes for Breakfast

This excellent design blog isn’t limited to branding, as the staff “reads the Internet so you don’t have to.” brandflakesforbreakfast - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-44-50  

27.  The World of a Graphic Designer

Covers topics all graphic designers can relate to, often with insights you won’t find anywhere else. The World of a Graphic Designer - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-46-00  

28.  Art of the Title

This site focuses on titles for the film and gaming industries. What does this have to do with graphic design? Everything. You’re often asked to be the visual branding mechanism for your clients, and possibly even required to write copy – including headlines. How titles look and sound, and how they are visually presented, are important factors in graphic design as well. Art of the Title - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-47-35  

29.  Dirty Mouse

Need to get your creative juices flowing? Dirty Mouse aims to end designer’s block with a never-ending stream of inspiration designs culled from the web. Dirty Mouse - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-49-45  

30.  Bored Panda

The web’s “only magazine for pandas” seeks to showcase only the most creative inspirational designs, especially those that are offbeat. Bored Panda - the only magazine for Pandas - Google Chrome_2012-11-12_15-50-49

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