30 Logo Design Tutorials for Powerful Brand Presence

February 5, 2013

Your company logo is your unique identifier; it is an image that represents who you are, what you do, and who you do it for in a compelling way.  A great logo design is meaningful and memorable, employing shapes, lines, colors, letters, words, and even white space to tell a story in a succinct visual image. Whether you want to develop an outstanding logo for your company or become a better logo designer, the following 30 logo design tutorials will help you craft a powerful brand presence.

1.  Create a Custom-Lettered Logo

Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to creatively manipulate letterforms and craft a compelling logo.Create a custom lettered logo in Illustrator Tutorial .net magazine - Google_2013-01-22_13-35-39 

2.  Logo Design Tutorial

This video tutorial shows you how to create a multi-layered, flowery logo using Illustrator.logo design tutorial illustrator adobe illustrator - YouTube - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-37-01 

3.  Archfold Logo Design Tutorial

Take advantage of Illustrator CS6’s advanced features with this logo design tutorial video.Illustrator CS6 Logo Design Tutorial - Archfold - YouTube - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-38-11 

4.  Working With Logo Designs in Photoshop

Even though Illustrator is where most logos are created, designers still have to work with logos in Photoshop.  This tutorial offers tips and tricks for doing so effectively.Working With Logo Designs in Photoshop Psdtuts - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-39-39 

5.  Cubist Style Logo Tutorial

This tutorial offers tips for designing a cubist style logo, popular among many contemporary companies.How To Create a Cubist Style Logo Design in Illustrator - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-40-50 

6.  Vector Logo Tutorial

This video tutorial shows you how to design a vector logo, perfect for resizing on everything from business cards to billboards and the web.Professional vector logo design illustrator tutorial - YouTube - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-42-01 

7.  Retro Logo Design with CSS3

This tutorial shows you how to create a neat retro-looking logo using CSS3.  It won’t do you much good for long-term branding, but it is a cool trick you can employ on the web.Tutorial Create Retro logo Design With CSS3 Logo Downgraf - Design Weblog For_2013-01-22_13-43-08 

8.  Modified Typeface Logo Tutorial

Learn how to modify a typeface to create a unique logo design in this excellent tutorial.Logo Design Tutorial How to modify a font to create a logo JUST™ Creative - G_2013-01-22_13-44-28 

9.  Logo Design Basics

This isn’t a logo tutorial for a single project; rather, it walks you through nine basics to keep in mind when designing any logo.9 Logo Design Basics, Tips for Designing the Perfect Logo Web Development Blog_2013-01-22_13-45-31 

10.  Stop Making Bad Logos

Almost every tutorial out there shows you how to make a good logo.  This tutorial focuses on how to not make a bad logo.  The difference in perspective is enlightening.Stop Making Bad Logos Vectortuts - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-46-34 

11.  The Making of an Elite Identity

Learn how logos play their part in crafting an overall identity package for elite brand presence.The Making of an “ELITE” Identity Vectortuts - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-47-43 

12.  Aurora Logo Design Tutorial

Ever wondered how to achieve an aurora effect for your logos? This tutorial shows you how.Aurora Logo Photoshop Tutorial Good Looking Design Blog - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-48-41 

13.  Trendy Logo Design Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a trendy logo design with Inkscape.Shmoggo Articles on Design and Print » Trendy Logo Design in Inkscape Tutorial_2013-01-22_13-49-49 

14.  Smart Object Logo Design

Learn how to place your logo on any image using smart objects with this tutorial.Smart Object Logo Design Planet Photoshop - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-50-39 

15.  FITC Logo Redesign Process

Get into the mind of a professional logo designer as he walks you through the process used to redesign the FITC logo.FITC Logo Redesign Process by James White - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-51-40 

16.  Design A Logo In Inkscape

Illustrator might be the most popular logo design software on the planet, but this video tutorial shows you how you can craft a compelling logo design using Inkscape as well.Shmoggo Articles on Design and Print » Designing a Simple Logo in Inkscape - G_2013-01-22_13-53-51 

17.  Logo Design Project Walkthrough

A step-by-step look at how a Web 2.0 style logo was designed.Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-55-27 

18.  Dache: Logo Design Process

Celebrated designer David Pache shares his process for logo design.Dache Logo Design Process - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-56-48 

19.  Vividways Logo Design Walkthrough

A step-by-step look at how the Vividways logo was designed.Logo Design Process and Walkthrough for Vivid Ways - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-57-46 

20.  Drawing the Volkswagen Logo

Sometimes it’s best to learn from a well-known example.  This tutorial recreates the process used to design the Volkswagen logo.Drawing the Volkswagen Logo - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_13-58-50 

21.  The Art of Self-Branding

This isn’t a logo design tutorial per se, but this three-part series covers all the elements you need to define before you can truly craft a compelling logo design.The Art of Self-Branding Part One Lealea Design - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_14-00-14 

22.  Logo Design Process

Another tutorial that looks at the process of designing a logo, this time for a fictitious company called LTD.DryIcons Blog Archive Logo Design Process Tutorial - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_14-01-18 

23.  Fun, 3-D Character Logo Tutorial

Learn how to design a fun 3-D character logo using Illustrator in the excellent and highly detailed logo design tutorial.Use Illustrator to Create a Fun, 3D, Character Logo Vectortuts - Google Chrom_2013-01-22_14-02-47 

24.  Design A Grunge Logo

Learn how to apply the right design elements to give your logo a grungy appearance.Design a Grungy Circular Logo MyInkBlog - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_14-03-52 

25.  Create A Rockstar Brand, Logo, and Style Guide in Illustrator

There’s more to logo design than the logo itself.  Your logo is part of a complete brand identity, which includes style guides for all communications.  This tutorial covers it all.Creating a Rockstar Brand, Logo & Styleguide in Illustrator Vectortuts - Goog_2013-01-22_14-05-12 

26.  How to Create An Awesome Logo

This tutorial reveals a unique yet powerful process for designing unforgettable logos.How to design an awesome logo - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_14-06-34 

27.  Iconic Logo Design

Just Creative’s Justin Cass demonstrates how to design a logo that is truly iconic.Logo Design Tutorial How To Create An Iconic Logo Design JUST™ Creative - Goo_2013-01-22_14-08-12 

28.  Particle Logo Tutorial

LogoBee demonstrates how to create a modern logo in this surprisingly easy-to-follow multi-step tutorial.Logo Design Particle Logo Step 21 - Google Chrome_2013-01-22_14-10-32

29.  The Complete Guide to Logo Design

Want to really get into the nuts and bolts of creative logo design and powerful branding?  This page is a huge resource of links for every step of the logo design process, from concept to completion.The Complete Guide to Logo Design, by Vukan Karadzic of E Logo Design™ - Google _2013-01-22_14-11-34 

30.  The Best Logo Design Tutorial Ever

This tongue-in-cheek post by renowned logo and identity designer David Airey shows you what not to do when creating a powerful logo design.The best logo design tutorial in the world… ever! Logo Design Love - Google Ch_2013-01-22_14-12-40

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