How Much Should You Pay for Logo Design?

May 20, 2015

Pepsi reportedly paid $1 million for its latest logo incarnation; Coca-Cola has kept the same $0 logo for more than 100 years. BP is said to have paid $211 million for its logo; Nike just $35. Online, you can find logo contest sites starting at under $50, while full-fledged agencies might charge $10,000 or more for a logo. Such variation, coupled with wins and losses at every investment level, begs the question: how much should you pay for logo design? If you’re a startup company it’s probably fair to say you’re not interested in investing millions of dollars in logo design; moreover, even several thousand dollars might be out of your budget. The good news is companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike have proven you don’t need a million-dollar logo to look like a million-dollar brand. The bad news is most of the logo designs you’ll get for under $200 are essentially worthless – likely even clip art. That doesn’t serve your brand or your business. The vast difference in quality makes it difficult to set a predetermined dollar amount for logo design. You should pay what the designer of your choice charges, and you should choose a designer who can visually convey your brand’s image, has excellent prior experience, and who:

  • gives you the logo rights
  • expects to complete at least a couple rounds of revisions
  • gives you original files in several formats, including grayscale and vector
  • puts careful thought and consideration into your logo

While you might luck out by finding a designer who does all these things for under $50, it’s highly unlikely (and if you do find a great logo designer at that price, you can rest assured they won’t be at that price for long). Keep in mind that contests and outsourced providers often charge the least, freelancers and independent firms a median fee, and agencies the most. For most small businesses, freelancers and independent design firms are the most cost-effective options for obtaining unique, premium-quality logo design at a budget-friendly rate. Freelancers and independent firms typically charge anywhere between $200 and $1,500 for logo design, sometimes more if additional work is required (such as complete branding packages including letterhead, envelopes, business cards, pocket folders, etc.). For budget-conscientious startups, it’s fair to say you should expect to spend at least $200 for a quality logo that truly represents your brand, and you should try to keep your logo design fees to under $1,500. It’s a wide range, but again it ultimately depends on selecting a designer you’re comfortable with and negotiating a fair price. One great strategy is to have your printing company handle your logo design; printers have talented designers on-staff; but since they make the majority of their money on printing they’re happy to offer premium logo design services at discounted prices. Get premium logo design at discount prices now!

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