31 Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Graphic Designers

September 19, 2013

Pinterest has become one of the best sources for graphic design inspiration today. Want to find business card design inspiration or spark your creativity for an upcoming web design project? Run a quick search on Pinterest, and you’ll find hundreds of examples to browse through. We can thank all the collective “pinners” who do the hard work – the research and pinning – so we can quickly view so many outstanding examples of great graphic design. Thus, for your inspiration I present 31 must-follow Pinterest boards for graphic designers.

1.  Business Cards by Daniel McKeating

More than 400 examples of business card design. ... Business Cards - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_06-47-39-Optimized  

2.  Brochures by Stephane Sommer

Find inspiration for your next great brochure creative. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_06-50-11-Optimized  

3.  Stickers by stickerrobot

Some of the most unique sticker designs you’ll find on the web. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_06-51-46-Optimized  

4.  Posters by Kim Kiwi

Seriously sweet poster designs. Typography Illustrations by BMD Design Posters █ - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_06-55-37-Optimized  

5.  Calendars by Volodymyr Shostak

Nearly 500 calendar designs for your inspiration. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_07-01-26-Optimized  

6.  Catalog Designs by Melanie Park

Design the next great catalog with inspiration gleaned from this Pinterest board. c374dcdee1fbb317e2e598c216c3d863-Optimized  

7.  Layout | Flyers by MiaGrphx

Be inspired to make your next flower a visual and marketing masterpiece. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_08-48-26-Optimized-1  

8.  Greeting Cards by Leigh A

From birthdays to anniversaries to holidays, you’ll find plenty of greeting card design inspiration here. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_08-51-59-Optimized  

9.  Invitation and Card by fiofio71

Nearly 700 pins featuring invitation and greeting card designs, as well as typography tips. a31a5c88e706a1b463467f99e028c22e (1)-Optimized  

10.  Letterhead by Bliss Lemmon

Dozens of excellent examples of winning letterhead design. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_09-05-32-Optimized  

11.  Menu Designs by Johana Ufa

Give your restaurant menu a delicious makeover with these cool ideas. 9118b8dd5ae766e532ee2ba98f0fb803-Optimized  

12.  Postcard Design and Creative Art by Amancay Bijou

More than 1,000 postcard design examples to browse. ebfc745a13c263dddb372e61e558d8fa-Optimized  

13.  Graphic Design by Design Quixotic

This board features more than 2,600 pins chock-full of graphic design inspiration. fab4009f0fd7ceaac58c0518ad169308 (1)-Optimized  

14.  Graphic Design by Kazuya Arakawa

More than 4,600 pins of graphic design inspiration. fa55e338d3eea1827bb700ee766c72a5-Optimized  

15.  Graphic Design by Katherine A

Volume isn’t everything; at just under 300 pins, this board is full of rather unique graphic design examples. 5af33c27ed1da3b6ebdabcb06d6e8c39-Optimized  

16.  Logo Designs

Love logos? Here are more than 600 for your inspiration. 9142f469338dde0fdbc774ba00b1e5ed-Optimized  

17.  Logo Design

More than 750 logo designs to browse. 6ec6af6306da024330c9180a064325d5-Optimized  

18.  Logo Designs by Nancy Carter

Want more logos? Here are nearly 1,000 logo designs. 6e458c5c2c3038766eab5a6321337de2-Optimized  

19.  Branding by Julia Castano

Tons of great examples of branding by design. 4c6aa9d6500af6e586937aed0277251d-Optimized  

21.  Branding by Kayla Adams

More than 360 more pins featuring branded design. b502a2c706b23d6126e8f047f7f67b2d-Optimized  

22.  Web Design by Daniel Nelson

Striking examples of excellent web design. ef33816941895bd68fb1ce2594eb05d1-Optimized  

23.  Web Design by Megan Sullivan

More than 350 examples of web design excellence. 72093bf74997a0068be39db4b5b46e1a-Optimized  

24.  Web Design by Laurent Desserre

If you like web design, you’ll love the nearly 1,600 pins on this board. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_10-29-00-Optimized  

25.  Infographics by Kyoco

More than 750 examples of infographic design. 508939946b4161611de0e374989d6dc2-Optimized  

26.  Infographics by Mashable

A roundup of the infographics featured on Mashable. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_10-32-03-Optimized  

27.  UI Design by SmallBlackRoom

Check out this pinboard if you want to find creative examples of UI design. 1ef08453f9d8cf54a97640edeab6b105-Optimized  

28.  Web/App Design by Ale P

This pinboard is a great resource for comparing different app design styles. 21201e91b953b7b04088b73248d1a844-Optimized  

29.  App Design by Rich Auger

Another excellent resource for app design examples. 9644449f23bfaebaca84217fc729e138-Optimized  

30.  Marketing Inspiration by Michelle Nicholls

Marketing and graphic design go hand-in-hand. Be inspired to design your own unique marketing materials by viewing this pinboard. Pinterest - Google Chrome_2013-09-09_10-38-03-Optimized

31. PsPrint on Pinterest

With more than 4,700 pins, our Pinterest boards include typography, greeting cards, business cards, posters and holiday-themed designs. We've even got dog and cat designs! What are your favorite graphic design Pinterest boards? Let me know in the comments!

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